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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Happy Birthday Rat Scabies

(updated 30th July 2014)

Born on this day in 1957 Christopher John Millar (aka Rat Scabies), drummer for Tor, London SS, The Damned, The White Cats, The Damned (again!), The Germans and has played with many other artists. He is currently occupying the drum stool for The Members (2014 note: Rat is no longer playing for The Members).

The Damned

Machine Gun Etiquette - 1979 (Full Album).

The Black Album - 1980 (Full Album Playlist).

Strawberries - 1982 (Full Album).

Phantasmagoria - 1985 (Full Album).

Anything - 1986 (Full Album).

 Not of this Earth - 1995 (Full Album).
This was the last album that Rat appeared on as Drummer of The Damned (though it's often disputed as to wether this is an actual release by the band as Scabies got an earful from Vanian and Sensible for apparently getting it released without proper authorization).


Features: Stab Your Back, Neat Neat, Neat, New Rose, So Messed Up and I Fall.

Features: Sick of Being Sick, Stretcher Case Baby, Fan Club and Feel the Pain.

Features: Melody Lee, I'm A Burglar, Love Song and Looking At You.

Features: I Just Can't Be Happy Today, Smash It Up, Liar and I'm So Bored.

Features: Curtain Call, Hit Or Miss and Therapy.

The White Cats - John Peel Session
Broadcast 25th August 1978.

The Members
Live at The Tropic Ruislip 3rd June 2012

Brian James, Rat Scabies and Texas Terri.

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