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Friday, 24 March 2017

Rewind: Cycledelic - Johnny Moped (1978) + Bonus

Cycledelic - Johnny Moped
Chiswick Records (WIK8)
Produced by Roger Armstrong
Released March/April (?) 1978

Side One

This hidden track listed as A0 overlaps with track A1. It runs on a paralell groove so, depending on where the needle is dropped in the lead-in area, you can catch randomly either the Mystery Track or V.D. Boiler.

Side Two
Johnny Moped - Vocals, Organ
Fred Berk - Bass, Piano, Organ
Dave Berk - Drums
Slimy Toad – Guitar, Piano

Singles featured on Cycledelic

The B-Side of the Debut single No One from August 1977 was included on the album

A-Side: Darling, Let's Have Another Baby    
B-Side -1: Something Else    
B-Side - 2: It Really Digs

Released January 1978

 A-Side: Little Queenie

Released July 1978

 Johnny Moped

(Johnny Moped were on the Cover of the second album release in 1977 from Chiswick Records that featured The 101'ers, The Count Bishops, The Gorillas, Little Bob Story, and Rocky Sharpe & The Razors)

Johnny Moped had been around long before Punk arrived on the music scene - 1974 was when they were formed (there's some footage of a concert in a garden from '74 and they even had a sax player!)  and before settling on a stable line up they went through a fair few members including Ray Burns (Captain Sensible), Phil Burns (Captain's brother), Shanne Bradley (who would go on to be a part of The Nips, The Men They Couldn't Hang etc) and Chrissie Hynde is connected to their early days as well. They also went through a number of different names before sticking with plain and simple Johnny Moped.

The band played at The Roxy a number of times supporting the likes of Eater, The Damned, Slaughter and The Dogs and were on the bill along with X-Ray Spex, Wire and Buzzocks when The Roxy, London WC2 album was being recorded and their contribution to it was Hard Loving Man. They also played places like The Vortex on Wardour Street and even The Roundhouse at Chalk Farm (which was recorded and finally issued in 1995 on the Basically Johnny Moped - The Best of Johnny Moped compilation) in 1995.

The band signed to Chiswick Records in 1977 on a recommendation from Captain Sensible. Their Debut single No One is one of those great gems of the UK Punk Rock Scene.

The Guinness Encyclopedia of Popular Music names their Debut Album Cycledelic among the Best 50 Punk Albums of All Time!

Darling, Let's Have Another Baby was performed by Kirsty MacColl and Billy Bragg on a June 1991 BBC Session for Nicky Campbell


Their second album, The Search for Xerxes wouldn't appear until the band had reformed in 1991.

Listen to The Album Here

The band are still on the go and have released new music in the past couple of years including three singles and an album - their first since 1991!

Damaged Goods
Released 2015

 Damaged Goods
Released 2016

Damaged Goods 
Released 2016

Damaged Goods
Released 2016

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Rewind: Bringing It All Back Home - Bob Dylan (1965)

Bringing It All Back Home - Bob Dylan
Columbia (US)/ CBS (UK)
Produced by Tom Wilson
Released 22nd March 1965
US Chart #6
UK Chart #1

As the original studio versions of the album are not available on You Tube I have created the playlist with live versions etc. Two tracks are missing completely from it and this is due to the fact that I could only find cover versions on You Tube. The two absent tracks are Outlaw Blues and Bob Dylan's 115th Dream. I hope it doesn't spoil your listening too much!

Side 1

Side 2
    Bob Dylan – guitar, harmonica, keyboards, vocals

Additional musicians
    John Boone – bass guitar
    Al Gorgoni – guitar
    Bobby Gregg – drums
    Paul Griffin – piano, keyboards
    John P. Hammond – guitar
    Bruce Langhorne – guitar
    Bill Lee – bass guitar
    Joseph Macho, Jr. – bass guitar
    Frank Owens – piano
    Kenny Rankin – guitar
    John B. Sebastian – bass guitar

Singles On Bringing It All Back Home

 Bringing It All Back Home
Columbia Stereo Seven
March 1965
US Promo Only


This EP was a "Special Coin Operator Release" made available to juke box operators only, with a page of 20 jukebox strips and six mini pictures of the front sleeve. 

Subterranean Homesick Blues / She Belongs To Me
Released 8th March 1965 US
US Chart #39

 A-Side: Subterranean Homesick Blues
B-Side: The Times They Are A-Changin'
Released 10th May 1965

The single was also issued in France

 (French Picture Sleeve)

and Italy (where the A and B-Sides were reversed)
(Italian Picture Sleeve)

Maggie's Farm / On The Road Again

Released 4th June 1965
UK Chart #22

Mr Tambourine Man EP
 A-Side: Mr Tambourine Man

B-Side: Subterranean Homesick Blues / On The Road Again

Australian Release
March 1966

Mr Tambourine Man EP

A-Side: Mr Tambourine Man

B-Side: Subterranean Homesick Blues / It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

Released in the UK October 1966


I would not for a second ever consider myself to be any kind of expert when it comes to the life and music of Bob Dylan. Like many I grew up hearing his records on the radio (and did like a few of them) but didn't actually buy any of his albums until I heard the song It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) in the late 70's. How I came to stumble on this particular song was that Roddy Frame/Aztec Camera had a song on their Debut album (High Land Hard Rain) called Down The Dip and the last line of the song was a direct swipe of the Dylan song.

I went off and bought the album and was pleased to discover a few songs on it that I also liked: Subterranean Homesick Blues, Maggie's Farm, Tambourine Man and It's All Over Now, Baby Blue.

The album was Dylan getting away from the Protest songs and the Folk Movement and much to the horror of the folk crowd he used an electric band on the record!

Having listened now to pretty much most of Dylan's output Bringing It All Back Home remains my favourite.

Cover Versions of Songs on Bring It All Back Home

Subterranean Homesick Blues has been covered by:
The Lumineers.
Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Michael Franti.
Sizzla (Reggae Version)
Harry Nilsson.
She Belongs To Me has been covered by:
Maggie's Farm has been covered by:

The Specials released a version of Maggie's Farm as the B-Side to their Do Nothing Single on Two Tone Records in 1980

Maggie's Farm - The Specials

Toots Hibbert.
Solomon Burke.
The Blues Band
Rage Against The Machine.
Love Minus Zero/No Limit has been covered by:
The Turtles
The Walker Brothers.
Judy Collins.
Rod Stewart.
Buck Owens.
Fleetwood Mac.
Jackson Browne.

Outlaw Blues has been covered by:
The White Stripes.
Queens Of The Stone Age.
The Morning Benders.

Mr Tambourine Man has been covered by:

April 1965 US
May 1965 UK
US Chart #1
UK Chart #1

Gregory Isaacs.
Wolf and The Moon.
William Shatner.
The Beau Brummels.

Gates of Eden has been covered by:
Julie Felix.
Bryan Ferry.
Arlo Guthrie.

It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) has been covered by:

Wendy James
On the Double A-Sided Single with You're So Great. It is also included on the album The Price Of The Ticket which was released in 2016.

Wendy James talks Bob Dylan:
I, like millions of others, begin and end with Bob Dylan. Since I can’t remember when, maybe 12 years old? Bob has been my touchstone. His songs are what I listen to when I need to calm my soul, find my peace, find my strength, affirm my wisdom. Bob Dylan has tracked my soul for all my life so far, and always will. There are of course, so many many perfect moments from him, it’s mind-blowing the simplicity, the complexity, the effortlessness, the timelessness of his words and his melodies. Blood On The Tracks, Bringing It All Back Home, Desire, Slow Train Coming… I mean, I’m just going to list you everything. But… when I was about 13 years old I heard 'It’s Alright Ma, (I’m Only Bleeding)' and that was it for me. He knew everything. Job done. Life explained.

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