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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

45RPM: #98 Whole Wide World - Wreckless Eric

Whole Wide World / Semaphore Signals
Stiff Records
BUY 16
Released 12th August 1977

Whole Wide World
This Side Produced By Nick Lowe for Ian Dury Productions

Wreckless Eric - Vocals
Nick Lowe - Bass and Guitar
Steve Goulding - Drums
That Side Produced By Ian Dury for Nick Lowe Productions

Wreckless Eric - Vocals and Guitar
Denise Roudette - Bass
Ian Dury - Drums
The debut single from Eric Goulding, known primarily as Wreckless Eric is one of the Greatest Singles to be released in 1977.
Surely it has to be a contender for The Greatest Hit That Never Was!
In-House Producer at Stiff Records Nick Lowe plays Guitar and Bass on the single and on the flip side a certain chap called Ian Dury not only Produces but also plays drums!
There's some pretty poor quality video of Wreckless Eric performing Whole Wide World for the TV Show What's On with Mr Dury playing drums! Check It Out HERE!
The song was first released as part of the Stiff Compilation 'Bunch of Stiff Records' in April 1977 under the title 'Go The Whole Wide World' but didn't get a single release until four months later. That particular album also included Nick Lowe, Motörhead, Elvis Costello, Graham Parker, Dave Edmunds and the Tyla Gang

He also recorded the song for the John Peel Session that was broadcast in October 1977. 

Whole Wide World has been covered by many artists down through the years by a wide variety of artists.

Cover Versions
The Monkees (1987)
Black (1991)
Will Ferrell (2006 from the movie Stranger Than Fiction)
The Vaccines (2013)

and there's quite a few more out there as well.

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!: Day 237 - John Mellencamp (2)

The Lonesome Jubilee - John Cougar Mellencamp
Produced by John Mellencamp and Don Gehman
Released 24th August 1987
US Charts #6
UK Charts #31

    John Mellencamp – vocal, guitar
    Kenny Aronoff – drums, percussion, backing vocals
    Larry Crane – guitars, mandolin, harmonica, autoharp, banjo, backing vocals
    John Cascella – accordion, keyboards, saxophone, melodica, penny whistle, claves
    Lisa Germano – fiddle
    Toby Myers – bass guitar, banjo, backing vocals
    Pat Peterson – backing vocals, cowbell, tambourine
    Crystal Taliefero – backing vocals
    Mike Wanchic – guitars, dobro, banjo, dulcimer, backing vocals

Singles from The Lonesome Jubilee
August 1987
US Chart #9

October 1987
US Chart #8

January 1988
US Chart #14

Rooty Toot Toot / Check It Out (Live)
May 1988
US Chart #61


The Lonesome Jubilee was the ninth studio album from John Mellencamp and one of his most successful worldwide as it charted in ten countries.

After the success of Scarecrow the band had been on the road a long time and had begun talking about a new project rather than just turn up at the studio and letting it happen. 

Mellencamp said in a 1987 Creem Magazine feature. "For the first time ever, we talked about the record before we started. We had a very distinct vision of what should be happening here. At one point, The Lonesome Jubilee was supposed to be a double album, but at least 10 of the songs I'd written just didn't stick together with the idea and the sound we had in mind. So I just put those songs on a shelf, and cut it back down to a single record. Now, in the past, it was always 'Let's make it up as we go along' – and we did make some of The Lonesome Jubilee up as we went along. But we had a very clear idea of what we wanted it to sound like, even before it was written, right through to the day it was mastered."

Over a period of nine months in which the album was recorded Mellencamp took a risk to steer the music in a new direction to the normal rock and roll as he and the band added instrumentation that was more in line with what folk and country musicians would be using to make a record. The risk paid off of course as the album became his fourth Top Ten record in a row.

In my first post on John Mellencamp earlier in the year, where I was looking at his American Fool Album I had said in closing "People have a habit of seeing John Mellencamp as some sort of poor man's Bruce Springsteen and I think that is terribly unfair. He should be recognised as a great songwriter and performer in his own right." I still stand by that. Interestingly during the 1987–88 Lonesome Jubilee Tour, Mellencamp was joined onstage by surprise guest Bruce Springsteen at the end of his May 26, 1988 gig in Irvine, California, for a duet of Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone," which Mellencamp performed as the penultimate song during each show on that tour.

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!: Day 236 - The Vapors

New Clear Days - The Vapors
United Artists
Produced by Vic Coppersmith-Heaven
Released July 1980
UK Chart #44
US Chart #62

 Original Tracklist
 A1 - Spring Collection
A2 - Turning Japanese
A3 - Cold War
A4 - America
A5 - Trains
A6 - Bunkers
B1 - News At Ten
B2 - Somehow
B3 - Sixty Second Interval
B4 - Waiting For The Weekend
B5 - Letter From Hiro


    David Fenton: Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals
    Edward Bazalgette: Lead Guitar
    Steve Smith: Bass, Backing Vocals
    Howard Smith: Drums, Percussion

Singles from New Clear Days

Turning Japanese / Here Comes The Judge (Live)
Released 1980
UK Chart #3
US Chart #26
Australian Chart #1

 Released 1980
UK Chart #44

Released 1981
Did Not Chart

The career of The Vapors is a little bit similar to that of The Jags who I posted about yesterday except The Vapors experienced a little bit more success in their brief sojourn in the world of the music business.

Like The Jags they only left behind a handful of singles and two albums, their Debut Album - New Clear Days, being the better I think.

The band formed in Guilford, Surrey and were discovered and managed by John Weller (father of Paul Weller) and Bruce Foxton (Bassist of The Jam).

Turning Japanese, the song for which they are most famous for hit the Top 3 in the UK Charts at the same time that The Jam took the #1 spot with Going Underground. They actually achieved something The Jam never did by having a Top 30 hit in the USA!

The band broke up soon after the release of their second album, Magnets and a few singles failed to reach the chart.

With the band defunkt the members went on to other careers: lead vocalist and songwriter David Fenton went on to become a Solicitor speacializing in Music Law. Edward Bazalgette branched out to TV work becoming a Television Director (word has it that he's Directed a couple of Episodes of Dr Who). Howard Smith was running an Independent Record Shop in Guilford called People Records. Unsure what career move the unrelated Steve Smith took.

There was good news for fans of the band earlier this year. After 35 years of inactivity, on 30 April 2016, Dave Fenton, Ed Bazalgette and Steve Smith took to the stage at the Half Moon in Putney. With a guest drummer standing in for Howard Smith they played Turning Japanese and then left the stage. Rumours of a reunion were rife and on 10 June a short four-date tour in October and November was announced on the band's new Facebook page. How exciting is that!

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!

Monday, 22 August 2016

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!: Day 235 - The Jags

Evening Standards - The Jags
Island Records
Produced by Simon Humphrey and The Jags
Released 1980

 Side A
1. Evening Standards
2. Party Games
3. Tune Into Heaven
4. Last Picture Show
5. The Tourist
Side B
6. Desert Island Discs
7. Woman's World
8. Back Of My Hand
9. She's So Considerate
10. Little Boy Lost
11. Single Vision / BMW

I think this week we'll shine the spotlight on some albums from the 1980's and today's choice is New Wave/Power Pop outfit The Jags.

The Jags had a pretty short life of four years between 1978-1982. In that time they managed to release two albums and a handful of singles, though they are probably more known because of one song: Back of My Hand. A lot of people seemed to think that the song was by Elvis Costello when it first came out as there is a similarity between the vocal style, at least on this particular track.

The Band Were:
Nick Watkinson (vocals), John Alder (guitar/backing vocals), Steve Prudence (bass), firstly Neil Whittaker and then Alex Baird (drums), Michael Cotton (bass/backing vocals) and Patrick O'Toole (piano/keyboard).

Back of My Hand was their highest placed single peaking at #17 in the UK after spending 10 weeks on the charts.

The second single, Woman's World got stuck at #75 the week after it's release and departed the chart the follwing week. A third single from the Debut Album Evening Standards, Party Games sunk without trace. 

The Debut Album is actually quite good I think. Had a play of it last night for the first time in years and whilst sounding a bit dated they did actually have quite a few decent tunes in their arsenal.

The band were from North Yorkshire and signed with Island Records in 1978. After the release of their second album in 1981, No Tie Like A Present, they folded in 1982. It seemed fitting that their final single should be called The Sound of G-O-O-D-B-Y-E!

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!

Sunday, 21 August 2016

The S4L Interview: Andrew Dawes & Trond Lysaanes

 (Photo by Mark Heybourne)


I am very happy to be able to share this little interview with Andrew Dawes and Trond Lysaanes that I was able to do to over the past couple of days with the chaps, via Facebook. They are based in different lands but enjoy a happy working relationship together and they have recently released their Debut Album on Vinyl called Cover The Distance (more about that later after the interview).

I'm extremely grateful to both Andrew and Trond for taking the time and especially to Trond whose first language is not English but did a fine job providing the answers to the questions.

Andrew is no stranger to this blog as he was interviewed just a little over two years ago. You can read that particular Interview HERE.


S4L: As an introduction I'd like it if you could both state your names, Country of Residence, your musical influences and what instruments you play and then a little bit regarding your partnership with each other.
AD: Andrew Dawes, live in England, born Wales, Martin 6 string, Martin 12 string, Rickenbacker 12 string, bass. I also played a little bit of Fender Rhodes on the record. According to a review in the Nottingham Post I bring a British style of vocals that contrasts nicely with Trond's 'Dylanesque' style. I like to get on with things and am quite focussed and organised I think. Trond likes to try different things but is a perfectionist too. I think all those ingredients put together make us tick pretty well. The strongest influences on my music are The Jam, The Alarm and Billy Bragg.

TL: I've never been called a perfectionist before haha! Trond Lysaanes, I live near Trondheim in Norway. Main instruments are a Martin Doyle Irish flute, numerous tin-whistles, a Tacoma acoustic 6-string and a Godin 5th Avenue 6-string semi-acoustic played through a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. I have a band in Trondheim called In Other News, and I just became the drummer of my guitarist' band... I also play a bit of banjo and Irish bouzouki.

Main influences... ohh many, and they change as I discover more artists. Johnny Marr is one that Andrew brought my attention too, my song Channel 5 was very much inspired by Johnny Marr's song "New Town Velocity". A bit funny I think, me and Andrew had both discovered and loved the music of Dave Eugene Edwards before we met, I believe Andrew is more into Wovenhand and I'm more "into" or interested in 16 Horsepower. Other important artists for me, The Doors, Dave Sharp, Noel Gallagher, Christy Moore from the time I got involved in Irish music. Dylan of course, Warren Zevon, Jackie Leven... many more!
AD: Some good examples a Trond being a perfectionist- we recorded Northern Light again for the 2nd session because he wasn't happy with the 1st version. Also, we were talking about having another song on the album- Seen. Trond wasn't 100% happy with it so it didn't make the cut. Trond is also great at soundchecks making sure everything is as good as possible.

(Andrew and Trond having a Jam Session at The Gathering - Photo from Andrew Dawes)

S4L: How on earth did you two begin making music together?

AD: We jammed together for the first time on a Friday night at the Gathering in January, 2013. I was buzzing from another inspiring Mike Peters performance and wasn't gonna go to sleep for a while so suggested we have a jam as Trond had mentioned that he'd brought his Irish whistle. We jammed for ages having a great time!

We played together for the first time at a festival in Norway in August 2013. When we played Northern Light there was a really respectful hush in the crowd. I got the sense we'd done something special. When we came off the stage, I said we'd have to record together now.

It has been said (by the Nottingham Post again) that we must have a telepathic understanding as obviously we have little opportunity to practice together- maybe 3 or 4 times a year. There is definitely a spark there when we play together!

TL: We don't write songs together, however Andrew is my main "touchstone" when it comes to song-writing. I often send him lyrics for advice, both artistic advice and to check the meaning of certain words since I am not a native speaker of your language. Apart from being a great guy who I love to spend time with he also adds lovely backing vocals and guitar harmonies (he's more advanced than me!) to my songs.

(Trond - Photo by Mark Heybourne)

S4L: How do you manage to record together? Do you do it in your respective homelands or do you have opportunities to get together in a studio somewhere?
 AD: We have recorded together on 3 occasions- all following when Trond has travelled over for The Gathering (of Alarm fans). All the sessions were at Superfly Studios in Ollerton on the edge of Sherwood Forest. We message each other with ideas for songs from time to time. If you go on our soundcloud pages, there are rough versions of songs there that have been built on. I like to try and work on harmonies and extra guitar parts for Trond's songs. The addition of Trond's Irish whistle and flute to my songs has really taken them up a level.

S4L: Your latest release, Cover the Distance has seen some of the tracks released before on Digital and CD formats, what was thinking behind getting a Vinyl Album out? 
 AD: When we recorded last January, the initial thought was to do a 7" single. I'd asked the crowd at a gig in Norway what format they would like our next release to be in. It was 100% for vinyl! It probably wasn't the answer I wanted as I knew it would be complicated and pretty expensive. That was true!

Once we'd recorded the tracks for what I envisaged would be the single (Channel 5 and Wreckage) I started looking at pricings. It was clear it'd make more sense to spend another £200 and do an album using the best of the songs we'd recorded before to make up an album. So, we went for a 9 track album. After some complications with the first test pressing, I'm really happy with the results and the feedback I'm getting off people is really great. 

TL: Our friend Geir Mr Happy Sollie is a vinyl collector, so I guess he is partly the reason that we chose to release our music on vinyl. I grew up with vinyl and cassette tapes, I have always preferred the sound of vinyl to CDs or tapes, and I love the size of the LP too, it's something big, solid and "concrete". I love the revival of vinyl and hope it's here to stay even after the hipsters are gone (joke!)

S4L: How exciting is it for you seeing the completed work on Vinyl? 
 AD: I'm really happy with the flow of the songs on the record and the accompanying sleeve.

 S4L: I know you have had a few opportunites of playing live together both here in the UK and in Norway, is there a greater buzz about performing your songs in front of an audience than just putting a record out? 
 AD: I'm probably happier playing live. With recording it feels like you could always tweek a bit here and there. There's pressure with recording too as there are always time and money constraints. All things considered, the record is absolutely amazing considering it was all done in 5 separate days over 3 years.
(Andrew and Trond - Photo by Mark Heybourne)

S4L: Obviously living in two different lands you are not always playing live shows together do you feel a difference between your solo outings than when you have the chance to play on the same stage together? 
 AD: We've had some amazing experiences playing live. The one where this photo was taken supporting Dave Sharp at Antikvariatet in Trondheim was a really special one. That was one of the most memorable nights of my life- what with the show and the aftershow party and all!

Without Trond, my songs Northern Light and St Kilda are distinctly lacking! Also though, without Trond, I can experiment a little using different pedals for instance or trying new songs. I think however, as with the slogan for the Wales football team, we are 'togetherstronger'.

S4L: Where can people obtain a copy of the album from? 

AD: you can e-mail me HERE
S4L: What avenues are you seeking in order to promote the album? Listening to it last night I thought it might be good enough to send a copy to Bob Harris at the BBC as it seems to fit into his wheelhouse. 

 AD: There are a few copies of the album available at Rough Trade in Nottingham. At the moment, we're keeping it fairly low key until we launch the album for real in Trondheim with 2 gigs on the 9th and 11th of September. After that, we'll go for it a bit more. Interesting you mention Bob Harris, the guy who engineered our recordings said our music would suit Radio 2.

(Andrew - Photo by Mark Heybourne)

S4L: How would you best describe your music to someone who maybe hasn't had the opportunity to listen to you before? 

 AD: Alternative-folk or indie-folk suit it quite well. People have told me recently we remind them of the Go-Betweens and the Violent Femmes. I liked both comparisons.

 S4L: Besides your own songs what song or songs would you love to play at a concert?
AD: I have been practicing the Welsh folk song Calon Lan. It's such a beautiful song. Out at the Euros in France, it was stunning when that was being sung. Cerys Matthews does a nice version too. My mum, who's originally from Aberystwyth, has been helping me out a bit!

Cover The Distance
Andrew Dawes and Trond Lysaanes 

In many ways I have been fortunate enough to hear these songs on CD and on Digital Formats before the Vinyl Album releasing so I have absolutely no problem in saying a few words about it. The very fact that it's here on my blog is a testimony to how good I think it is, because I make a point of posting only good music!

Musically it's very tight and lyrically I'm very impressed. Both Andrew and Trond have four songs on the album they have written and a ninth one is a co-write between Trond and Burgess (I'm not too sure who that is exactly but I quite like the song Enter in Disguise).

They said that it's Indie Folk/Alternative Folk - as one who has very little knowledge of Folk Music outside of the music of Richard Thompson and bands like The Men They Couldn't Hang (who do some Indie Folk style music at times) I find myself listening without any specific labels in mind or seeking to compare them to anyone in particular as I honestly wouldn't know who to namecheck.

What I found is this. These lads can write a pretty tidy tune. The Road Ahead, Wreckage, The Storm, Enter In Disguise and St Kilda are probably my favourites from the album.

It's an album that has a nice sense of pace about it with upbeat numbers like Wreckage and more gentle moments like St Kilda at the end of the album that seems almost pastoral with the sound of the Irish Whistle played throughout by Trond.

For a couple of chaps who are not full time musicians (yes some people have to do other things to pay the bills you know!), I think they have managed to bring together their particular talents and make a classy album. I've been playing it for a better part of week now and it's continuing to grow on me.

Links and More Information
Before we finish up it is worth pointing out that you can listen to music from Dawes and Lysaanes at various places scattered around the Internet, here's some important links:

St. Kilda and The Road Ahead - both featured on the Cover The Distance LP can be heard here.

Fish King Blues - that is featured on the Cover The Distance LP can be here.

Links To CD Baby

There are tracks from the CD EP that also feature on the Vinyl of Cover The Distance LP. You can listen to sound clips from it here.

You can listen to sound clips of these two tracks that are also featured on the Vinyl release of Cover The Distance LP.

Contains Enter in Disguise from the Cover The Distance LP, and there's also the track Seen that sees Andrew joining forces with Trond. There are sound clips for all the songs here.

Also on the Cover The Distance LP and there's a sound clip for it also.

On You Tube

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!: Day 234 - The Psychedelic Furs

Mirror Moves - The Psychedelic Furs
Produced by Keith Forsey
Released 21st August 1984
UK Chart #15
US Chart ##43
Canadian Chart #16
New Zealand Chart #5
Swedish Chart #26

A1 The Ghost In You
A2 Here Come Cowboys
A3 Heaven    
A4 Heartbeat
B1 My Time
B2 Like A Stranger
B3 Alice's House
B4 Only A Game
B5 Highwire Days

Singles From Mirror Moves
UK Chart #29

UK Chart #68
US Chart #59 

US Single
Did Not Chart

UK Chart #62 

    Richard Butler – lead and background vocals
    John Ashton – guitar
    Tim Butler – bass guitar
    Keith Forsey – drum machine; drums; percussion

Additional personnel
    Tommy Price – drums on Here Come The Cowboys and Heaven
    Mars Williams – saxophone

Pretty much most of the music that I put up here on the blog is stuff that I listen to myself and have as part of my collection. Some groups have a favoured place among my Go To Bands List and some records find a place among my long list of favourites. Such is the case today with The Psychedelic Furs and their fourth Studio Album Mirror Moves.

Within my favourites list sit a number of titles that I would never want to be without and two albums from The Furs have solidified a place for themselves in that high and lofty company: The Self-Titled Debut Album and Mirror Moves. It might surprise you that I chose Mirror Moves above Talk Talk Talk or Forever Now but it comes down to personal choice and that is one of mine.

It is of course very different to the Debut Album which had a really raw edge and a sense of brooding darkness pervading over it, whereas Mirror Moves sounds very polished and more friendly for radio, for TV and just about everything inbetween.

You have to wonder about the credibility of the suits at CBS who decided not to release Heaven as a single for the American Market but instead go for Here Come Cowboys! Its madness I tell you!

I was very pleased though that they released Heartbeat first as a B-Side to Heaven and then as a Single in its own right. It's probably my favourite track on the album and overall is my favourite track by The Psychedelic Furs (again I say it's a matter of personal choice before anyone rises up in rebellion!). I do have to say though that as someone who is not a fan of Remixes I was quite taken with the New York Remix that appeared on the B-Side of Heaven. The Mendelshon Remix that was actually released as the single is better in The Long Version that was on the 12" rather than the shorter version that appeared on the 7".

I want to dedicate this today to some friends in New Jersey who share a similar affection as me for The Psychedelic Furs...they know who they are.

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!: Day 233 - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

Notorious - Joan Jett and The Blackhearts
Produced by Kenny Laguna, Thom Panunzio, Joan Jett and Phil Ramone
Released 20th August 1991
Did Not Chart

A1 Backlash    
A2 Ashes In The Wind    
A3 The Only Good Thing (You Ever Said Was Goodbye)    
A4 Lie To Me    
A5 Don't Surrender    
B1 Machismo    
B2 Goodbye    
B3 Treadin' Water    
B4 I Want You    
B5 Wait For Me

Misunderstood was a bonus track on the Japanese Release.

The Blackhearts
    Joan Jett - guitars, lead vocals

    Ricky Byrd - lead guitars, backing vocals
    Thommy Price - drums

Additional musicians
    Paul Westerberg - guitar, vocals on "Backlash"
    Phil Feit - bass on "Backlash", "Ashes In The Wind", "Lie To Me", "Don't Surrender", "Goodbye", "Treadin' Water", "I Want You", "Wait For Me"
    Manny Caiati - bass on "The Only Good Thing (You Ever Said Was Goodbye)", "Machismo"

The Federal Strings
     The Uptown Horns:
        Crispin Choe - baritone sax
        Robert Funk - trombone
        Arno Hecht - tenor sax
        Paul Litteral – trumpet


Notorious was the final album by Joan Jett and The Blackhearts for Epic before switching to Warner Bros.

It always made me laugh when a new album came out and it had a sticker on it pronouncing that the album contain the hit song or songs....because the album doesn't actually contain "The Hits" because none of the two singles released from it actually charted and actually none of the tracks mentioned on the sticker were actually singles! Add to that the fact the album itself did not chart and you have to wonder who's idea it was to market the album that particular way!

The album featured Paul Westerberg of The Replacements, they would record together again a few years later with the single Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love) for the Tank Girl Soundtrack.

It's not the best Joan Jett and The Blackhearts album but I think it does have some good tracks on it, and actually sometimes the albums that seem to go unnoticed are actually better than the ones that have huge chart success!

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!

Friday, 19 August 2016

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!: Day 232 - The Sonics

Here Are The Sonics!!! - The Sonics
Etiquette Records
Released in early 1965

Gerry Roslie  - organ, piano, lead vocals
    Andy Parypa - bass guitar
    Larry Parypa - lead guitar, vocals
    Rob Lind - saxophone, vocals, harmonica
    Bob Bennett - drums

This is The Sonics - The Sonics
Produced by Jim Diamond
Released 2015

Current lineup:
    Gerry Roslie - organ, piano, lead vocals
    Freddie Dennis - bass guitar, vocals
    Larry Parypa - lead guitar, vocals
    Rob Lind - saxophone, harp, vocals
    Dusty Watson - drums

Touring Members:
    Jake Cavaliere - Keyboard
    Evan Foster - Guitar


The Clash have boasted in Garageland that "We're a Garageband", well it sounds better than "We're a Railway Storage Shed Band" doesn't it? But The Sonics are one of the original Garage Rock Bands from the 1960s.

Their influence upon Punk is huge (check out The Cramps and The Dead Boys as examples) and infact their influence even reaches out to bands like The Fall, The Fleshtones, The Fuzztones, The White Stripes, Nirvana to name but a few and artists like Bruce Springsteen.

The band formed in 1960 and were out of Tacoma, Washington. Larry Parypa was the founding member (and he's still present with them today!). The classic line-up of the band eventually came together until around 1963 and the following year they began to take seriously the whole music business game as they signed to Etiquette Records and released a number of singles (starting in November 1964 with The Witch / Keep A-Knockin') before the label brought them altogether and released their Debut Album Here Are The Sonics!!!

After a second album in 1966 - Boom, and then moving to a new label the band began to fall apart with various members leaving to go to University or to join other bands. They reformed in 1972 for a show that was recorded and released by Etiquette Records (Live Fanz Only).

In 1980 vocalist Gerry Roslie put together a new Sonics band and released Sinderella - it contained versions of previous songs the band had performed in their heyday.

In 2007 the band resurfaced once again and this time Larry Parypa was on board and they continued playing live at various festivals and after a 40 year absence they released a brand new album in 2015.

Earlier this year it was posted that Gerry and Larry would no longer be continuing to play as part of the touring band but would still be involved with recording. Not quite sure how that's all going to work out!

Let The Day Begin...Let The Day Start!

Thursday, 18 August 2016

45RPM: #97 Going Left Right - Department S (1981)

Going Left Right / She's Expecting You
Stiff Records (BUY 118)
Produced by David Tickle
Released 19th June 1981
UK Chart #55

Going Left Right

She's Expecting You

Department S
    Vaughn Toulouse – vocals
    Mike Herbage – keyboards, guitar on "She's Expecting You"
    Mark Taylor – guitar, keyboards on "She's Expecting You"
    Tony Lordan – bass guitar
    Stuart Mizon – drums

If you ask someone to name the first thing that comes into their head when they hear the name Department S there is every chance they will say Is Vic There? It's a shame that is so because they actually made a couple of other great singles in their time including this one Going Left Right that is under the spotlight today.

Department S began life as Guns For Hire and released only one single in 1980 on Korova, I'm Gonna Rough My Girlfriend's Boyfriend Up Tonight. A name change and some personnel changes and Department S were unleashed upon a watching world at The Rock Garden in London in September of 1980. The Debut Single, Is Vic There? followed in December and it gave them a hit, peaking at #22. The B-Side was a cracking version of Solid Gold Easy Action originally released by T-Rex. It was released on Demon, a label that had been set up by former Stiff man Jake Rivera and Andrew Lauder who had worked A&R for United Artists. The plan was to use the label to release one-off singles by bands but they changed track later by securing more long term artists to their roster.

In 1981 they signed with Stiff and released what I think is their best single and it's a real shame that depsite getting fairly decent airplay that Going Left Right didn't break into the Top 30.

Department S are still on the go these days (Check Out Going Left Right from this year's Rebellion Festival) and earlier this year released a brand new album When All Is Said and All Is Done.

The Who - Electric Proms Live at The Roundhouse (2006)

A bit too short to be included as part of The Soundtrack4Life Concert Series as there are quite a few tracks that were not included in the BBC Broadcast of The Who's performance at the Electric Proms in 2006.

The Roundhouse in Chalk Farm, London is the setting for the show in which The Who played tracks from their first studio album (Endless Wire) of new material for 24 years!

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