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Thursday, 6 March 2008

Stretch Armstrong - The Sound of Names Dropping

Was just listening to 'Free At Last' CD and thought I'd post this great video of the mighty Stretch Armstrong

Monday, 3 March 2008

I'm Back. A little catch up.

Sometimes I get so busy with stuff on MySpace that I actually forget I'm also housed over here. Can't believe that it was the end of January since I last posted here. Oh well, better get the fingers burning on the keypad and play a little catch up.

The Gathering was the last event I posted about. Since then The Alarm have released their new album 'Counter Attack' and whilst it is not as strong an album as 'Under Attack' it does have some sweet moments. The album as far as I am aware is currently only available at

In February I have seen MxPx live at King Tuts on the 'Good to Go Tour'.

Set up a show for my friend Beki Hemingway here in Glasgow where we raised some cash for the International Justice Mission.

Also got to see Hanoi Rocks here in Glasgow.

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