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Thursday, 4 February 2010

The Gathering Set Lists

Mike Peters Acoustic Set Friday 29th January 2010

Mike Peters & Electric Band Set Friday 29th January 2010

The Alarm Set Saturday 30th January 2010
My Town
45 RPM
Marching On
The Opening/Three Sevens Clash
Sold Me Down the River
Kill Kill Kill
Where Were You Hiding?
Be Still
The Stand/Lie of the Land
Alarm Calling
It's Alright It's Okay
Without a Fight
Absolute Reality
Right Back to Where I Started From
Rain in the Summertime
Drunk & Disorderly (1st take)
We are the Light (improvised)
Drunk & Disorderly (2nd Take)
68 Guns
Blaze of Glory

One Guitar/Rescue Me
Love Hope Strength

Walk Forever By My Side
Spirit of 76
Knocking on Heaven's Door

Monday, 1 February 2010

The Gathering 18: 29-31st January 2010 Part 1

Friday 29th January 2010
A weekend in Prestatyn, Wales would probably not be everyone's highlight but when you throw in the fact that it was a weekend spent in the company of Mike Peters & The Alarm and with quite possibly the best fans on planet earth, then there's no complaining to be done!

The past couple of weeks the excitement levels have been going into overdrive for this event (after all I having been waiting a whole year for it to happen) and I was hoping that there would be nothing to disappoint. The Alarm had a lot to live up to. After last years show I could have sworn that there was no way they could ever be as good as that again, but of course such doubts are easily blown in the wind. If there is anything predictable about Mike Peters and The Alarm it is that they know how to surprise people and leave them standing in a state of shock!

A few folks had been concerned about having The Gathering at Pontins in Prestatyn because they assumed that the holiday camp was more like a prison and that the facilities would not be sufficient for an event like this. Pontins may have underestimated their staffing for things like the bar on Friday but they seemed to have got it worked out by Saturday. The accommodation was generally quite good (though of course there were a few folks who had issues with lack of hot water etc!) and many people I spoke with said that they liked this set up with everyone and everything close by.

The chalets are just really for sleeping in and there was plenty of entertainment to keep you occupied across the week. We missed the opening band on Friday and got over to the 'Love Hope Strength Lounge' in time for Mike's Opening Address (though it wasn't really an address at all but a welcome to one and all before he pronounced that "The Gathering was now open".

First up in the 'Red Poppy Arena' was Mike's 'Acoustic in the Round'. Surprisingly in this 18 song set there was not a single Mike Peters solo song to be seen or heard!

Where Were You Hiding When the Storm Broke

One Step Closer to Home

All Seeing

This Is Life (Get Used To It)

One of the big differences to previous Gatherings was that this year there was a whole bunch of support acts. Chris Summerill followed Mike's solo set. To find about more about Chris and his music Click Here.

Next up was Mike Peters Electric Band. We had been wondering who the members of this band were going to be and I guess I was a little surprised to discover that it was none other than Mike's Alarm band mates (James, Craig and Stevie - and Mark Taylor on keyboards). The set was basically the 'Feel Free' album in its entirety and a couple of other tracks including a superb rendition of 'Gone Elvis', with Mike Peters dressed up in an Elvis jumpsuit!

The evening ended with a Midnight show by Dave Sharp in the 'Spirit Ballroom'. I have to admit that I gave up after a few songs. It sounded like the same set he played last year and it's a bit harder to concentrate that late at night on the wordiness of Sharpie's tunes!

Day one past and more to come on Saturday.

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