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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Johnny Cash - The Complete Columbia Collection 2012

 Johnny Cash – The Complete Columbia Album Collection is set to release on October 30th, 2012 and can be purchased on Amazon. The albums and singles covered in this box set will range from 1958′s The Fabulous Johnny Cash to 1990′s Highwayman 2 and will also include several live albums, soundtracks, and rare tracks. All of the material together comes to 59 albums and four bonus discs. This bonus material will include two compilations. The first, Johnny Cash with His Hot & Blue Guitar is a set of 28 tracks from Johnny’s time with Sun Records from 1954-1958. The second, The Singles includes unreleased singles and Cash’s appearances on other artists’ songs.
What's Inside The Box?
The Fabulous Johnny Cash (Mono) Hymns By Johnny Cash (Mono)
Songs Of Our Soil (Mono)
Now There Was A Song! (Mono)
Ride This Train (Mono)
Hymns From The Heart (Mono)
The Sound Of Johnny Cash (Mono) Blood, Sweat And Tears (Mono)
Ring Of Fire: The Best Of Johnny         Cash (Mono)
The Christmas Spirit (Mono)
Keep On The Sunny Side - The Carter Family with special guest Johnny Cash (Mono) 
I Walk The Line (Mono)
Bitter Tears: Johnny Cash Sings Ballads Of The American Indian (Mono)
Orange Blossom Special (Mono)
Johnny Cash Sings Ballads Of The True West (Mono)
Everybody Loves A Nut (Mono)
Happiness Is You (Mono)
Carryin’ On With Johnny Cash & June Carter (Mono)
From Sea To Shining Sea (Mono)
Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison (Live)
The Holy Land
Johnny Cash At San Quentin (Live)
Hello, I’m Johnny Cash
The Johnny Cash Show (Live)
I Walk The Line (Soundtrack)
Little Fauss And Big Halsy (Soundtrack with Carl Perkins)
Man In Black
A Thing Called Love
Johnny Cash: America – A 200-Year Salute In Story And Song
Christmas – The Johnny Cash Family
Any Old Wind That Blows
The Gospel Road (2-CD)
Johnny Cash And His Woman
Johnny Cash pa Osteraker (Live at Osteraker Prison, Sweden)
Ragged Old Flag
The Junkie And The Juicehead Minus Me
The Johnny Cash Children’s Album
Johnny Cash Sings Precious Memories
John R. Cash
Look At Them Beans
Strawberry Cake (Live at the Palladium, London, England)
One Piece At A Time
The Last Gunfighter Ballad
The Rambler
I Would Like To See You Again
Gone Girl
Rockabilly Blues
Classic Christmas
The Baron
The Survivors: Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins (Live)
The Adventures Of Johnny Cash
Johnny 99
Koncert V Praze (In Prague Live)
Highwayman: Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson
Highwayman 2: Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson
At Madison Square Garden (Live)
Johnny Cash With His Hot & Blue Guitar
The Singles, Plus (2-CD)

I actually possess a good number of these albums and it's great to see many of them coming out on CD for the first time ever.

Luke Torn, in his 10/10 review in the latest Uncut Magazine, said this: 

"Johnny Cash was, and remains, the Mighty Oak of 20th Century popular music: singer, songwriter, collector, seeker, provocateur, folklorist, storyteller, historian, family man, outlaw, moralist, drug addict, TV and movie star, joker, preacher, philanthropist, spokesman for the downtrodden,, musical bridge from the Carter Family to Nine Inch Nails...visionary. His high presence touched us all, even if some of us are only dimly aware of it."

He ends his review: "Hills and valleys, warts and all, Complete Columbia is simply a singular, staggering body of work, throwing down challenges in all directions."

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Steve Miller Band Reissues

Steve Miller is someone I have a lot of time for. The man seems to have been on the go for so many decades and he's still making great music. As a child he sat side by side with the great Les Paul and learnt to play the guitar and as a teenager he cut his teeth playing the blues alongside Chicago greats like Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf before moving to San Francisco in the 60's to kickstart his own career with a band that featured Boz Skaggs on guitar (taught of course by Steve Miller!). He had tried to get The Beatles producer George Martin to produce his debut album but to quote him, "he said he would do it, but he wanted points and everything, and I'm cheap and ruthless, and wouldn't pay him! Brilliant businessman that I am!" Instead he got the man who had been working alongside Martin as an engineer on The Beatles records, Glyn Johns, who would go and and produce The Steve Miller Band's first four albums that are part of the package of reissues of the first five albums by the Steve Miller Band that were originally released between 1968-70. Edsel Records is involved in their release and all the albums will be reissued in October 2012.

First album “Children Of The Future” was produced by Glyn Johns at Olympic Studios in London, and released in April 1968. The five-man line-up featured Steve Miller on guitar and vocals, Boz Scaggs on guitar and vocals, Lonnie Turner on bass, Tim Davis on drums and Jim Peterman on keyboards.
• The original side one of the album features a suite of linked psychedelic songs, while side two starts with two Boz Scaggs originals before culminating in a selection of blues cover versions. The bonus track is the non-album single side “Sittin’ In Circles”.
• The booklet of this Special Digipak Edition contains all the lyrics, a brand new booklet note by San Francisco journalist Joel Selvin, based on 2012 interviews with Steve Miller himself, and photos from Steve’s own collection.

1. Children Of The Future
2. Pushed Me To It
3. You’ve Got The Power
4. In My First Mind
5. The Beauty Of Time Is That It’s Snowing (Psychedelic B.B.)
6. Baby’s Callin’ Me Home
7. Steppin’ Stone
8. Roll With It
9. Junior Saw It Happen
10. Fanny Mae
11. Key To The Highway
Bonus track:
12. Sittin’ In Circles

Second album “Sailor” was produced by Glyn Johns at Wally Heider’s Studio in Los Angeles, and released in October 1968. But this was the end of the five-man line-up, as Boz Scaggs and Jim Peterman left soon after. The album includes the classic opening instrumental “Song For Our Ancestors”, perennial concert favourite “Living In The U.S.A.” and three Boz Scaggs songs.
• The booklet of this Special Digipak Edition contains all the lyrics, a brand new booklet note by San Francisco journalist Joel Selvin, based on 2012 interviews with Steve Miller himself, and photos from Steve’s own collection.

1. Song For Our Ancestors
2. Dear Mary
3. My Friend
4. Living In The U.S.A.
5. Quicksilver Girl
6. Lucky Man
7. Gangster Of Love
8. You’re So Fine
9. Overdrive
10. Dime-A-Dance Romance

Third album “Brave New World” was produced by Glyn Johns at Sound Recorders in Hollywood, and released in June 1969. The album was the first by the three-man line-up of Steve Miller, bassist Lonnie Turner and drummer Tim Davis, and featured guests Ben Sidran, Nicky Hopkins, and Paul McCartney on drums and vocals on “My Dark Hour”, credited as Paul Ramon. Also featured is the classic “Seasons”, still in Steve’s set-list today.
• The booklet of this Special Digipak Edition contains all the lyrics, a brand new booklet note by San Francisco journalist Joel Selvin, based on 2012 interviews with Steve Miller himself, and photos from Steve’s own collection.

1. Brave New World
2. Celebration Song
3. Can’t You Hear Your Daddy’s Heartbeat
4. Got Love ‘Cause You Need It
5. Kow Kow
6. Seasons
7. Space Cowboy
8. LT’s Midnight Dream
9. My Dark Hour

Fourth album “Your Saving Grace” was produced by Glyn Johns at Wally Heider Studios in San Francisco, and released in November 1969. The album was the second by the three-man line-up of Steve Miller, bassist Lonnie Turner and drummer Tim Davis, and featured guests Ben Sidran, and Nicky Hopkins in a tour de force on the epic “Baby’s House”.
• The booklet of this Special Digipak Edition contains all the lyrics, a brand new booklet note by San Francisco journalist Joel Selvin, based on 2012 interviews with Steve Miller himself, and photos from Steve’s own collection.

1. Little Girl
2. Just A Passin’ Fancy In A Midnite Dream
3. Don’t Let Nobody Turn You Around
4. Baby’s House
5. Motherless Children
6. The Last Wombat In Mecca
7. Feel So Glad
8. Your Saving Grace

Fifth album “Number 5” was recorded at Area Code 615’s studios in Nashville and released in July 1970. The band for this album featured Steve Miller, drummer Tim Davis, and new bassist Bobby Winkelman (from Frumious Bandersnatch). Guests included Ben Sidran and Nicky Hopkins and Buddy Spicher, Wayne Moss and Charlie McCoy of Area Code 615.
• The booklet of this Special Digipak Edition contains all the lyrics, a brand new booklet note by San Francisco journalist Joel Selvin, based on 2012 interviews with Steve Miller himself, and photos from Steve’s own collection.

1. Good Morning
2. I Love You
3. Going To The Country
4. Hot Chili
5. Tokin’s
6. Going To Mexico
7. Steve Miller’s Midnight Tango
8. Industrial Military Complex Hex
9. Jackson-Kent Blues
10. Never Kill Another Man

Monday, 24 September 2012

Soundtrack4Life Exclusive Interview with The Damn Bats

 Hailing from Chicago The Damn Bats are one of those bands that take you back in time. For me that time is 1977 and all over their music there are reminders of some of the classic Punk Bands of that era. Now, for some that might be a problem because the times have changed and Punk didn't really make the impact that it often confesses it did (or so they say). 
The one major thing it did do and continues to do to this day is inspire kids to pick up guitars, bang away on drum kits and write songs that reflect a little of what is going on in their every day existence. Pick up any music magazine or paper and you can read about bands who claim their influences are bands like The Ramones, The Pistols, The Clash, The Damned and a host of other bands that were part of the soundtrack to my own teenage years. So, I for one, have no problems with a band like The Damn Bats coming along and declaring their fond affection for all things '77 punk.

Their EP, 'Dracula Crest' is an epic journey into the the heart of 1977 that gives great kudos to the guitar sound of Brian James of The Damned and even has wee touches of Nicky Garrett of the UK Subs scattered around. In my book that's a great combination.
Vocally 'Doomed' is almost like a lost gem of The Damned that they had forgotten they had written and the legend that is Rat Scabies actually plays drums on it! Major Mistakes vocals are quite Vanian like in places. 'Kill or Cure' actually reminded me of The Stooges, who of course were doing punk when most of us were either just starting infants school or were still a twinkle in the eyes of our parents! 'The Raven' actually is the one song I think that The Damn Bats find their own voice and don't rely on the past to speak for them. For me that's important, I always felt that what made Punk great was there were few bands that actually sounded like each other. They each had their own distinctive voice and The Damn Bats on this track sealed the deal and found their voice.
Lead vocalist, Major Mistake, took some time out today to answer a few questions for Soundtrack4Life. So it gives me great pleasure to present this exclusive interview with the singer of The Damn Bats
 Major Mistake
S4L: What inspired you to start The Damn Bats?  
MM: A sense of unfinished business. The band I attempted to re-start ended badly but not before a had a really good demo for the song 'DOOMED'. The initial idea behind TDB was to bring that song to it's logical conclusion and give it a proper recording before quitting the music business. It actually turned out to be the catalyst for The Damn Bats.
S4L: How long have the Damn Bats been playing together?
MM: Technically Pizza and I have been writing and recording together since 2007. D'licious joined us in 2011. We've been more of a recording band than a live band because of the fact that this is a side project for both of them.
S4L: It's very clear from listening to the band that your influences are rooted in 1977 punk rock, what bands would you say have been the biggest influence on you?
MM: For me it's always been more of the British punk bands...The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Damned. Pizza is more influenced by American punk ie. Black Flag, Bad Brains..Dead Kennedys. For Zac it's a bit of both. but all of us love The Ramones and The Misfits.
S4L: You have even had Rat Scabies of The Damned play on one your tracks, how did that come about?
MM: Rat is on 'DOOMED'. Like I said...the original idea was to put a proper ending to that song and I figured that if I was gonna go out I'd do it in a HUGE way. How do you go out in a huge way? Why, you get one of the most legendary all-time bad ass punks to play on your record. I mailed Rat on Facebook cos we'd been fb buddies for a while and I simply asked him. I sent him the demo and after a couple more emails he agreed and it was on. He told me who to contact in London for studio time and then I booked a session for him. The studio sent me Rat's drum tracks and then we did our thing over here.
S4L: Is there anyone else you'd love to record with one day?
MM: I actually had been talking with Jim Reilly of Stiff Little Fingers about doing 'THE RAVEN'. He liked what we'd done with Scabies and was interested in working with us but he started getting busy with his own projects and wasn't able to do it. I'd actually be interested in working with Dave Vanian (lead vocalist of The Damned) or Steve Jones (legendary guitarist for The Sex Pistols) or Paul Simonon (pretty boy bassist of The Clash). I think doing something with one or all of them could be pretty cool. It remains to be seen if anything ever materialises.
S4L: Have you released much material since you've been together?
MM: As of now it's just been 'THE DRACULA CREST EP' cd  and the mp3 singles from it.
 Front and back Cover Art for
The Dracula Crest EP
S4L: There's a lot of "punk" bands floating around today, what makes The Damn Bats different to the likes of Green Day etc?   
MM: Well, Green Day really isn't a punk band, they're alterna-pop.  Real punk is still a little too unfriendly for the corporate music industry (here in America). I think the music business saw them as something they thought was acceptable and profitable so they jumped on it. There's alot of money to be made from teen angst. I think if you listen to both us and them the differences will be crystal clear.
S4L: How hard is it for you guys to gain a following? Do you do a lot of live shows? Do you make use of the internet and the various sites where you are able to promote your music?  
MM: Because of the nature of this band it's very hard to gain a broad following. I've been told that we sound like a British punk band and it appears to be true. Infact we're kinda known as "the best British punk band in Chicago". Most of our fans are older Union Jackers who were teens in the late 70's and 80's and they recognise the sound and attitude. Truth be told I was never really interested in broad mainstream appeal..that's just not what we're about. Unfortunately the live shows have been very limited so far so yes, the internet has been an invalueable tool to reach the people we wanna reach, especially those on the other side of the Atlantic.
S4L: Is there a Punk scene in Chicago and are you actively involved in it at all?
MM: There absolutely is a thriving punk scene here (inspite of what the Chicago music business would have you believe). I'm involved in it as much as I can be but if it's not possible to see The Bats play there are a number of other great Chicago punk bands worth checking out ie. D'licious' regular band Bill Ura Dik, Voice of Addiction, The Jetbirds, Felony 4, Still Alive, etc. The Mutiny on the northwest side is kinda like the home of punk a way it's like Chicago's answer to CBGB's and The 100 Club
 S4L: What's currently on your Soundtrack4Life - what bands, albums, tracks are exciting you?
MM: I've been playing the hell outta The Cult's new one 'Choice of Weapon'. I'm also getting alot of mileage from the new Adicts album 'All the Young Droogs' as well as The Stranglers latest 'Giants' and 'Work In Progress' by the UK Subs.
S4L: Can you share with us your favourite three albums and your favourite 5 punk songs?  
MM: Only three?  That's a tough one cos there are so many. If i have to choose three they'd be 'Never Mind The Bollocks' (Sex Pistols), 'Damned Damned Damned' (The Damned of course!) and The Clash debut album 'The Clash'
The 5 songs would be 'Pretty Vacant' (Sex Pistols), 'New Rose' (The Damned), 'Complete Control' (The Clash), 'Suspect Device' (Stiff Little Fingers)  and 'Teenage Lobotomy' (The Ramones).
S4L: What does the future hold for The Damn Bats?
MM: That's a good question. I wish I could give you a definite answer. We're officially on break right now and the other members are doing other projects. Zac has a new ep coming out with Bill Ura Dik and Pizza is working with his other project Thrudge. We've always operated with the policy that we'll continue to do it as long as everyone still wants to do it and if they have time for it. We play it by ear and I think that works best for us so we'll see where we go from here. Anything is possible.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Bruce Springsteen - Wrecking Ball Tour - Metlife Stadium NJ 22nd September 2012

 10:31 p.m. start due to rain! Set ended just before 2am! During the playing of 'In the Midnight Hour' Bruce's birthday hit. Can you believe this guy? 63 years old and still rocking like a young man (though saying that, there are not many youngsters who could do what he does!).

1. "Out in the Street"
2. "The Ties That Bind"
4. "Badlands"
5. "Who'll Stop the Rain"
6. "Cover Me"
7. "Downbound Train"
8. "We Take Care of Our Own"
9. "Wrecking Ball"
10. "Death to My Hometown"
11. "My City of Ruins"
12. "It's Hard to Be a Saint in the City"
13. "Jole Blon" (with Gary US Bonds)
14. "This Little Girl" (with Gary US Bonds)
15. "Pay Me My Money Down"
16. "Janey, Don't You Lose Heart"

19. "Because the Night"
20. "She's the One"
21. "Working on the Highway"
22. "Shackled and Drawn"
23. "Waitin' on a Sunny Day"
24. "Meeting Across the River"
25. "Jungleland"
26. "Thunder Road"
27. "Rocky Ground"
28. "Born to Run"
29. "Glory Days"
30. "Seven Nights to Rock"
31. "Dancing in the Dark"
32. "Tenth Avenue Freeze-out" (with Gary U.S. Bonds)
33. "Twist and Shout" (with Gary US Bonds, Adele Springsteen, Maureen Van Zandt, other family members)

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Bruce Springsteen - Wrecking Ball Tour - Metlife Stadium 21st September 2012

A shorter show but still quite a dramatic setlist. Lots of tunes that were not on the setlist at Night 1. Opening song is one that even Bruce had never sung live before and he had to resort to a lyric sheet! (It's on the 'Tracks' Boxset).

And guesting on vocals with Bruce for two numbers, none other than Gary US Bonds!

Waiting on a Sunny Day
Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
Born to Run
Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out

Happy Birthday Joan Jett

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
Lollapalooza 2012 Full Set

The Runaways Live in Tokyo, Japan 1977

Friday, 21 September 2012

Soundtrack4Life Interview: Honest John Plain

 It gives me great pleasure to be able to share this with you. Honest John Plain is one of those guys who has contributed much to the world of rock and roll down through the years and he's still writing and recording new music today. No sitting back and resting on his laurels he's armed with his favourite guitar, three chords (though I'm certain he knows a few more than that!) and the truth. In his busy schedule he kindly took time to answer a few questions for Soundtrack4Life.
S4L: You have been in the music business a long time did you ever imagine when you started playing with the boys 35 years ago that you'd still be doing it today?

HJP: I didn't think I'd be alive after 35 years never mind still playing music!

S4L: You seem to be getting better with age and are putting out some of your best music in your career and so I know it's a bit of a tough question but what are a few of the favourite works you have been involved in whether it be solo, in a band, or as a musician backing someone else?
HJP: To be honest my favourite work is usually whatever I'm working on now! 
Recording with Casino Steel, Michael Monroe, Glen Matlock, Sami Yaffa, Verden Allen, Darrell Bath, Robbie Ruston and all at Rockfield last year was certainly fantastic fun. Being in the same studio that Queen recorded Bohemian Rhapsody and Pete Stride and I made the New Guitars album all those years ago was a real blast.
Also back recording with The Boys again after 30+ years and finding that the old magic is still there is a dream come true. Matt Dangerfield and Casino Steel are two of my oldest and dearest friends. 
I also thoroughly enjoyed recording the "Honest Alive" live album with The Landslide Ladies earlier in the year, they're a great band.
S4L: Your new single 'Never Listen to Rumours' sees you join forces with some brilliant musicians who have all tasted success in the past with other bands. What attracted you to working with these guys and do you feel that working with such folk that you are still learning things about your craft?
HJP: Well I have actually worked with most of them previously. Casino Steel in The Boys and numerous other bands/projects over the years, Darrell Bath and Robbie Rushton The Crybabys and other projects, Glen Matlock with Ian Hunter's Dirty laundry and Sami Yaffa has played live with me.  I'd never previously met Martin Chambers, Verden Allen or Michael Monroe so it was amazing that they wanted to be involved in the album as I had always admired their work. 

S4L: What do you enjoy more, crafting your work in the studio or getting out and playing live before a crowd? Could you envisage taking the band you made the new record with out on the road?
HJP: I have always loved recording and being in the studio making music is something I thoroughly enjoy. Of course I also enjoy being on the road, particularly with people I get on well with. I love being on the road with The Boys and also really enjoyed my Italian tour earlier this year with Italian band The Landslide Ladies who I intend to tour with next year, and maybe even record a new studio album.
I am hoping to have an album launch party and play a few gigs with the "Rockfield Sessions" band early next year when the album is released

S4L: You seem to keep yourself busy these days I hear there is also an album of new material by The Boys in the works? How much pleasure do you take from knowing that there are still so many people out there who have a real appreciation for the music of The Boys?
HJP: It certainly gives me a great deal of pleasure that there are fans out there who appreciate the music we made together all those years ago. The Boys went back in the studio recently to record our first album in over 30 years and the recordings went even better than we had anticipated. We have already finished eight brand new Boys songs and are to return to the studio in November to finish the album which we anticipate should be out sometime in 2013.

S4L: A few small questions to finish off. Who has been your biggest influence musically?
HJP: The Small Faces, The Beatles and The Ramones  
S4L: Do you have a favourite record that has been part of the soundtrack of your life?
S4L: Do you have a favourite guitar that you consider as your old faithful or do you like using many types of guitar?
HJP: The Black Les Paul Custom I play in the "Never Listen To Rumours" video is my favourite guitar
S4L: If you could give three pieces of advice to a band just about to set off on the journey would would they be?
HJP: Make sure you have a good rider, never go on-stage completely sober and never apologise, it's a sign of weakness!
S4L: If you could go back to the past what would the Honest John Plain of today tell the Honest John Plain of say 35 years ago?
HJP: Never listen to rumours and beware of little big heads!
S4L: Many thanks to Honest John Plain for kindly doing that amid all the busyness of his life.

Where Words Fail

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Bruce Springsteen - Wrecking Ball Tour - Metlife Stadium 19th September 2012

Three Hour and Forty Three Minute Set From Bruce and the Band.

 Pre-show acoustic set:
Growin' Up/For You

Johnny 99
Darlington County
Working on the Highway
Easy Money
The Promised Land
Waitin' on a Sunny Day
Mansion on the Hill
Racing in the Street
The Rising
Land of Hope and Dreams
* * *
We Are Alive
Thunder Road
Born to Run
Dancing in the Dark
Tenth Avenue Freeze-out
Twist and Shout 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wendy James and James Williamson New Single

It's actually hard to believe that two years have past since Wendy James' last album. 'I Came Here To Blow Minds' was released. Once again she has come up trumps by collaborating with legendary Stooges guitarist James Williamson and Bad Seeds drummer Jim Sclavunos. She has a brand new Double A-Sided single due out called 'You're So Great' and a stunning cover version of Bob Dylan's 'It's All Right Ma'.

I, like millions of others, begin and end with Bob Dylan. Since I can't remember when, maybe 12 years old? Bob has been my touchstone. His songs are what I listen to when I need to calm my soul, find my peace, find my strength, affirm my wisdom. Bob Dylan has tracked my soul for all my life so far, and always will. There are of course, so many many perfect moments from him, it's mind-blowing the simplicity, the complexity, the effortlessness, the timelessness of his words and his melodies. Blood On The Tracks, Bringing It All Back Home, Desire, Slow Train Coming... I mean, I'm just going to list you everything. But... when I was about 13 years old I heard "It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding" and that was it for me. He knew everything. Job done. Life explained.

So, now, 2012, when James and I had decided to do "You're So Great" as a special Single Release, he asked me what my favorite Dylan number is and always, ultimately I go to "It's Alright Ma." Enthusiastically we decided to record both songs, and then... Let me tell you, there's a big difference between listening to "Its Alright Ma" and singing it. I understand his rhythm, his intention, his breath, his humor, his message, to be clear: I understand his choice of words.
It was heaven in the studio, losing myself on the microphone, telling the tale, singing the truth, having my few hours bathing in that High White Noise... and James in the control room watching on proudly...Yes. It was a good day... It was the kind of day that explains exactly, innately, why one does this in life.

Honest John Plain - Never Listen to Rumours

"Never Listen to Rumours" is the new single from Honest John Plain and is set to be released as a single on September 24 along with a promo video from renowned film director Tony Klinger (The Who's The Kids Are Alright and Deep Purple Rises Over Japan). 


In addition to Plain the single and video also features Casino Steel, Michael Monroe, Sami Yaffa (Hanoi Rocks and New York Dolls), Verden Allen (Mott The Hoople), Martin Chambers (The Pretenders) Darrell Bath (The Crybabys) and Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols).

The Video


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