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Monday, 31 August 2015

The S4L Interview: Les Glover (Loved Up Les) - Loving It Up With Les

It's a great pleasure to be able to have a wee chat with Les Glover of Loved Up Les. We only stumbled on each other a few days ago but he kindly agreed to do an interview, obviously after doing police checks to make sure I wasn't a total lunatic or something!

There's a few links scattered around the interview so click on them to find out more info and listen to some music.

S4L: Loved Up Les, how did you come around to that name?

Les: It was given to me by Henry Priestman. I appeared with my partner Lisa in the video for Valentines Song which Henry co wrote with Lotte Mullan and he commented that I looked loved up and it kind of stuck.

S4L: After playing for such a long time with other artists your album The Love Terrorist is your first forary as a solo artist, had you thought about going this route at any other stage or was it a case that the timing was just right for now?

Les: I've always written my own songs and although my earlier bands made good attempts at a release it never materialised until now. Something always seemed to stop us, or get in the way, for example my first band around 1979 had a single recorded and cover designed ready to press, when our manager, who was a keen bootlegger, was raided and our master tapes disappeared along with all the bootlegs!!! Also A&M records who were big supporters of the band had a mass cull of their A&R department, the week we were meant to sign, so the studio and producer (Richard Mainwaring - OMD, Fischer Z etc) had to let us go as there was no company or money behind the recording. But somehow I've never felt fully confident until now, so maybe the timing is right.

(Left to Right: Peter Robinson, Les Glover and Henry Priestman)

S4L: Being a bit of a fanboy I couldn't help but get excited to learn that you have been working alongside Henry Priestman, he's your musical mentor yes? How did you come to meet him?

Les: I first met Henry as a young Yachts fan in 78/79 and then I took my son, who was a big fan, to see him play at the time of his first solo album. We met after the show and chatted and then later that year I was playing a festival in Anglesey and Henry was there, we swapped numbers and we got together the following year, so it's been a few years now.

S4L: Tell us a little bit about the album and the details of recording it and getting that out. Is it on a label or have you released it yourself?

Les: I released my album 'The Love Terrorist' myself on Kaleidoscope Records (A good friend of mine has a record shop of the same name so I thought it would be nice to use that as the label). We started to record it in the summer of 2014 and then whenever we had any free time we would meet at Henry's studio and work on it. Once we had decided on the twelve tracks we arranged them and put down a basic acoustic track of all of them. Myself and Henry played most of the instruments but decided to get at least one guest on each track to add a little more variety. Pete Riley played swampy blues guitar on one song, my daughter Rebecca played violin on another. We then had guests playing harmonica, pedal steel, mandolin, fretless bass and vocals, just to give a wider pallet of sound.

S4L: After more than 30 years of playing do you still get a thrill out of playing live? Do you feel comfortable being up front or would you prefer to be at the back somewhere just playing along?

Les: I love singing and playing now, probably more than ever because as you get older you tend to have less to prove and are much less inhibited. You tend to do things that you want to do and not to fit current trends, and if it doesn't get played by radio so what, it doesn't matter.

S4L: Who are your influences musically?

Les: My influences are people like David Bowie, Neil Young, 10cc, Early Costello and The Jam, Tom Petty, The Beatles and Stones, The Who, Alice Cooper and the punk and new wave explosion. Great singer songwriters like Billy Joel, Dean Friedman, early Elton John and Ben Folds, but really its just about the songs. I've never been part of the cool brigade and if Phil Collins and Sting writes a song I like I'll get it. I also love 70's pop music, Sweet and Pilot and stuff like that.

S4L: One of the questions I like to ask of all who get interviewed on the blog is what is on your Soundtrack4Life ?

Les: First single I ever bought was 'Life on Mars' - David Bowie. 'Suffice to Say' - Yachts and punk was a great time for singles. But the albums that have stayed with me are probably, all the early Bowie and Alice Cooper and Queen records. 10cc - 'Sheet Music', Al Stewart - 'Year of the Cat', Pink Floyd -  'The Wall', Peter Gabriel - 'first' and the Be Bop Deluxe albums. Many many more

S4L: Have you any dates coming up that people can catch you performing at?

Les: Our autumn tour starts in October and dates are on, either mine or Henry's Website.

I do have a special gig coming up later this year supporting Ian McNabb in my home town of St Helens, that's on Friday 20th of November at the Zoo Bar, really looking forward to it.

S4L: Where can The Love Terrorist be obtained from?

Les:  You can order my album 'The Love Terrorist' along with any other merchandise, either at gigs or from my website.

S4L: What's the best piece of advice you have been given with regard to your musical career ?

Les: Best piece of advice is be yourself. Be influenced but don't copy, find your own voice or guitar style or sound, then you'll stand out, and if you're a writer, write about what you know and what you care about. It's all got to come from the heart and from your passion.

The Love Terrorist Loved Up Les with Henry Priestman.

Happy 70th Birthday Van Morrison

Born on this day in 1945
Sir George Ivan Morrison OBE

Click on the links below to enjoy more music from
The Van Morrison Collection
Astral Weeks (1968)
Moondance (1970)
Tupelo Honey (1971)
Wavelength (1978)
Common One (1980)
Back On Top (1999)
Magic Time (2005)

The August Album Challenge: 31. A Fall Album

I know it's probably meant to be an album regarding the time of the year, the fall, but it's an American term that we do not use here in the UK so on the last day of the month I thought I'd try to be funny and clever by spotlighting an album by The Fall, one of Manchester's finest bands.

The Complete Peel Sessions comprises each of the twenty-four sessions the group recorded for John Peel's radio show (spread across 5CDs). Peel was an avid supporter of the group from early in their career, and The Fall recorded more sessions for Peel's programmes than any other artist. The set was in the process of being compiled when John Peel died in October 2004. The set charts almost all of the group's musical phases up until 2004.

The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004
Released June 2005
UK Chart #139
When Re-issued in 2013 it reached #97

For a comprehensive guide to the sessions, Producers and Band Line Up CLICK HERE.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

45RPM: #15 - Creeque Alley - The Mamas and the Papas (1967)

Today would have been the birthday of John Phillips founding member of The Mamas and Papas . He was born 30th August 1935 and died aged 65 on 18th March 2001.

I've posted last year as part of the Alphabet Beats series about the group and how I grew up listening to them. Probably one of my favourite songs of theirs is Creeque Alley (though there are loads of great tunes to choose from). 

Creeque Alley was the third single taken off the 1967 Deliver album by The Mamas and the Papas. It was a #5 Hit in the US and reached #9 in the UK.

The Original Mono Mix of Creeque Alley

Keepin' It Peel

As it's the day that John Peel was born way back in 1939 I thought maybe a good way of Keepin' It Peel today would be to blast out some The Peel Sessions.

Here's a playlist of 100 Sessions that includes Public Image Ltd, Psychedelic Furs, Au Pairs, Revillos, The Cure, New Order, The Quads, Pulp, Penetration, The Undertones and so much more.

45RPM: #14 - Put You In The Picture - PVC2 (1977)

Released on the same day as our previous post: Robot Love - The Valves, this was the second single on Zoom Records, an Edinburgh based Record Label.

PVC2 were basically the pop band Slik (Midge Ure, Kenny Hyslop, and Billy McIsaac) with the new addition of Russell Webb (who went on to play in The Skids).

A month after this release the band split with Midge Ure going off to join Glen Matlock's new outfit the Rich Kids and the remaining band members plus Willie Gardner went on to form the Zones (who released a few singles, an album, before disbanding in 1979).

Hearing it for the first time you would never in your wildest imagination think that it was pretty much the same band that had hits with Forever and Ever and Requiem (and another five singles that didn't do too well in the charts including the totally awful The Kid's A Punk!)

Even though it was their only single it's still a wee gem that not a lot of people know about.

 "Put You in the Picture" (Billy McIsaac/Midge Ure)
Zum 2
Zoom Records
Released 30th August 1977

    "Pain" (Kenny Hyslop)
    "Deranged Demented and Free" (Billy McIsaac)

45RPM: #13 - Robot Love - The Valves (1977)

On this day in history back in 1977 Scottish Indie Label Zoom Records launched its first two releases. First up was Edinburgh based Punk band The Valves. They formed in 1976 and disbanded in 1979 after releasing  3 indie singles on Zoom Records and Albion Records.

I had to laugh because it says on their website that they "Extensively gigged in UK, Ireland and Sweden" but they only record one visit outside of Scotland and that was to the Roundhouse on 4th December 1977 to support Generation X.

Not really a great A-Side, the B-Side was much better.

Zoom Records by the way is probably more well known for the final two singles on the label by a former Punk band called Johnny and the Self Abusers, who had a new sound and a new name - Simple Minds (Life in a Day and Chelsea Girl were the two singles).

Robot Love
Zum 1
Zoom Records
Released 30th August 1977

  Dee Robot (Dave Robertson) - vocals
    Ronnie (Ronnie Mackinnon) - Guitar
    Pada (Gordon Scott) - Bass
    G.Dair / Teddy (Gordon Dair) - Drums

For Adolfs Only

The August Album Challenge: 30. Back To School Album

Been so long since I was at school so the choice today harks back to one of the great bands that me and many other kids were excited about when we got chatting about music and listening to the charts on a Tuesday Lunchtime on a transistor radio in the playground hoping out favourite band might even get to number one...My Friend Stan and Everyday peaked at #2 and #3 but inbetween those releases was the  #1 single Merry Xmas Everybody!

Click on the links to enjoy the music of Slade.

 Old New Borrowed and Blue - Slade
Produced by Chas Chandler
Released 15th February 1974
UK Chart #1
Australia #1
US Chart #168 (It was released with the title Stomp Your Hands, Clap Your Feet)

  1. "Just Want a Little Bit" (Thornton/Bass/Washington/Brown/Thompson) — 4:02
  2. "When the Lights are Out" (Holder/Lea) — 3:06
  3. "My Town" (Holder/Lea) — 3:07
  4. "Find Yourself a Rainbow" (Holder/Lea) — 2:12
  5. "Miles Out to Sea" (Holder/Lea) — 3:50
  6. "We're Really Gonna Raise the Roof" (Holder/Lea) — 3:10
  7. "Do We Still Do It" (Holder/Lea) — 3:02
  8. "How Can It Be" (Holder/Lea) — 3:02
  9. "Don't Blame Me" (Holder/Lea) — 2:33
  10. "My Friend Stan" (Holder/Lea), UK no.2 — 2:42
  11. "Everyday" (Holder/Lea), UK no. 3 — 3:11
  12. "Good Time Gals" (Holder/Lea) — 3:34

Saturday, 29 August 2015

45RPM: #12 - War - Edwin Starr (1970)

On this day in 1970 Edwin Starr begun a three week stand at #1 in the US Singles Chart with the Epic Single War. In the UK it would peak at #3.

The song was originally performed by The Temptations. Motown chose not to release their version so as not to alienate any fans who might be pro-war! 

Norman Whitefield decided to re-record the song but with another vocalist, Edwin Starr. Starr's version is the one that most people remember now and reaching #1 has certainly cemented the legendary status of the song.

There have been a number of Cover Versions and Reworkings down through the years:

Generation Gap (Reggae).

The August Album Challenge: 29. A Sentimental Album

A Sentimental Album? Mmm...Not 100% sure about this because to be sentimental often means that emotionally you are attached to something, someone but it's not necessarily always based on facts! (Well at least according to a few dictionaries I consulted).

I prefer the term Nostalgia or Nostalgic, which made me think of the words of Pete Shelly, that great  Romantic Poet from Lancashire, who wrote a song called Nostalgia for Buzzcocks second album Love Bites, and it was covered by the label mates of the band whose album I've chosen today Penetration on their debut album Moving Targets.

"Sometimes there's a song in my brain
And I feel that my heart knows the refrain
I guess it's just the music that brings on nostalgia
For an age yet to come"

The choice of The Ruts album The Crack takes me right back to my teenage years in South East London, Forest Hill to be precise. It makes me think about many of the friends who I used to hang about with - the Forest Hill Punks. Some of them I know are still around, and like me have grown up, got married etc. Others I have no idea about, except the ones who are no longer with us.

Listening to the album makes me think not just about good times but bad times as well because there's lots of stuff going on lyrically that made an impact upon our young lives - the attitude of the cops toward us (Sus and Jah War), the violence of the age (Something That I Said), the bleakness (It Was Cold), the addictions (Criminal Mind), the betrayals (Backbiter), and the smell of danger (Out of Order).

It makes me remember hanging around Counterpoint Records in Forest Hill listening to the latest music when some of us should have been at school, or day trips, when we bunked off school, to go up to the Portobello Road and hang around Virgin Records' Offices hoping to scrounge new posters, badges etc of our favourite bands on that label (The Skids, The Members and The Ruts).

When I hear it now I don't, to quote another great Pete Shelly song, wish "I was sixteen again". Time has moved on but a lot of stuff that happened shaped who I am today and that's fact.

But listening to the album also makes me think of the band who made it. Segs and Ruffy lived in Forest Hill and I reckon that they are still one of the best Rhythm Sections around, only Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare are better! In 2015 they are still playing some of these songs but also writing new and performing new ones also with The Ruts DC. It makes me think of guitarist Paul Fox who was one of the most exceptional around, people always talk about the sounds that a guitarist like The Edge makes when he plays but Foxy was able to make some incredible noise without even a third of the technology that U2 have at their disposal. Sadly Foxy is no longer with us having passed away after a battle with cancer in 2007. Also it makes me think of Malcom, the volatile frontman who tragically died of a heroin overdose in July 1980 aged 26, ten months after the release of this album. It was a life snuffed out far too young! It makes me think about what could have been.
Finally it's an album that makes me remember that life goes on, inspite of all that I went through, what this band went through, there is still a life to be lived.

 The Crack - The Ruts
Virgin Records
Produced by Mick Glossop
Released September 1979
UK Chart #16

The Ruts
    Malcolm Owen - vocals
    Paul Fox - guitar, organ, backing vocals
    John "Segs" Jennings - bass guitar, piano on "Jah War", backing vocals
    Dave Ruffy - drums, backing vocals

Additional Personnel
    Richard Mannah - backing vocals on "S.U.S" and "Criminal Mind"
    Mick Glossop - synthesizer on "It Was Cold"
    Gary Barnacle - saxophone
    Luke Tunney - trumpet

Singles from The Crack
(June 1979: Virgin, VS 271; also released as a 12 inch single) UK No. 7
(August 1979: Virgin, VS 285) UK No. 29
  (November 1979: Virgin, VS 298)
(1979 Virgin Records France, Virgin 2141 248 ).

Live in Paris 1980

Friday, 28 August 2015

The August Album Challenge: 28. An Album You Play The LOUDEST!

An Album You Play The Loudest? Mmm...I wonder what that could be as I do play quite a few loud...

Will it be a copy of Simply Red's Greatest Hits that my friend Kenny didn't send me? (Kidding, Facebook on my mobile seem to think I should have that album but I can't stand 'em, and neither can my mate Kenny!) 

Will it be a copy of the latest Coldplay album that I don't know what the title is because I can't really stand them (and you were not really thinking that I had a Coldplay album were you! Oh and Kenny for the record doesn't like 'em either!)? 

Or maybe it will be something that is by nature very loud to begin with and totally deserves to be blasted out with a volume so loud that your ears bleed. It has to have guitars, drums, oh I guess a bassist as well (apologies to my four stringed playing friends!). My guess is that it can only mean...Motörhead!

Dedicated to Kenny Beaton!


The Best of Motörhead - Motörhead
Metal Is/Sanctuary
Released 26th August 2000

 Motörhead just today have released their 22nd Studio Album entitled Bad Magic, two tracks from it had been issued as a preview, the single Electricity and track two from the album Thunder and Lightning.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

45RPM: #11 The Circles - Opening Up (1979)

This one's dedicated to my mate Coxy on his birthday today.

The Circles only ever released three singles. Opening Up was the debut release on Graduate Records. Angry Voices/Summer Nights was next up on Vertigo. The final single Circles/Summer Nights (Demo) was released by Graduate as the band had just broken up.

Word is that The Circles are back together again in 2015!

The Circles had supported bands like UB40, Tom Robinson Band and Seventeen (who would eventually morph into The Alarm).

Opening Up/Billy

45RPM: #10 Bits of Kids - Stiff Little Fingers (1982)

The 11th Single from Stiff Little Fingers. There would only be one more single from them before they disbanded in 1983 (Price of Admission / Touch and Go).

They would get back together and release a number of pretty good albums: Get A Life, Tinderbox, Hope Street, Guitar and Drum, and their latest No Going Back which fans had waited years for!

Released on 27th August 1982
Chrysalis Records
UK Chart #73

Bits of Kids

Stands To Reason

Rewind: 1980 - The B-52's - Wild Planet

 Wild Planet - The B-52's
Island Records (UK)/Warner Brothers (US)
Produced by Rhett Davies, The B-52's and Chris Blackwell
Released 27th August 1980
 UK Chart #18
US Chart #18

    Kate Pierson – keyboard bass, organ, vocals, keyboards
    Fred Schneider – vocals, cowbell, glockenspiel, additional keyboards
    Keith Strickland – drums, drum machine, Venus sounds
    Cindy Wilson – bongos, vocals, tambourine
    Ricky Wilson – guitars

Singles From Wild Planet

Only reached #61 on the UK Chart

The August Album Challenge: 27. Best Opening Track On An Album

How on earth do you just whittle it all down to one track when considering the Best Opening Track on an Album? There's so many to choose from!

In order to combat this there's one song I'll post a video for and then a list of some of my favourites with links for them. Some of the tracks might be unknown to you but seriously check them out. Here's what came off the top of my head, could have easily posted 100 tracks if I had the time!

M.P.L.A. - Tapper Zukie (1976)
Track 1
Pick Up The Rockers

Damn Right I Got The Blues - Buddy Guy (1991)
Let Them Talk - Hugh Laurie (2011)
One Believer - John Campbell (1991)
Fast Lane Addiction - Shannon Curfman (2007)
Resistance Iz Futile - Corey Red and Precise (2004)
Fireproof - Pillar (2002)
Get Real - Halo Friendlies (2002)
Emotion is Dead - The Juliana Theory (2000)
The Ever Passing Moment - MxPx (2000)
Free At Last - Stretch Arm Strong (2005)
All Star United - All Star United (1997)
2:30AM - Kevin Montgomery (2004)
Nashville - Solomon Burke (2006)
Deadman's Town - Various Artists (2014)
With His Hot and Blue Guitar - Johnny Cash (1957)
Kerosene - Miranda Lambert (2005)
Fans - Malcom McLaren (1984)
God's Property - Kirk Franklin's Nu Nation (1997)
Licensed to Ill - Beastie Boys (1986)
13 - Blur (1999)
12 Songs - Cory Branan (2006)
Crawdaddy - The Darling Buds (1990)
A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar - Dashboard Confessional (2003)
Pleasure - Girls At Our Best (1981)
Seven - James (1991)
Silver Town - The Men They Couldn't Hang (1989)
Galore - The Primitives (1991)
Soul Mining - The The (1985)
If The Beatles Had Read Hunter...The Singles - The Wonder Stuff (1994)
MTV Unplugged - 10,000 Maniacs (1993)

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


The August Album Challenge: 26. If You Could Only Keep One!

Surely they can't mean only one album out of the whole collection! That's way too tough to decide. If they meant one album from each of your favourite artists bands etc then that makes it slightly less complicated!

So instead of just one why not a boxset that contains six?

Released in October 2013
Rhino Records

Rewind: 1985 - The Cure Release The Head On The Door

Dedicated to Martha C. and Katrina
The Head On The Door - The Cure
Produced by Robert Smith and David M. Allen
Released 26th August 1985
UK Chart #7
US Chart #59

 Robert Smith - vocals, guitars, keyboards, six-string bass, production
Lol Tolhurst - keyboards
Porl Thompson - guitars, keyboards
Simon Gallup - bass guitar
Boris Williams - drums, percussion
Ren Party - horns on "Close To Me"
Ron Howe - saxophone on "A Night Like This"

The Head on the Door is the sixth studio album by British band The Cure, released in 1985.

The album is the first to feature drummer Boris Williams; it also features the return of Simon Gallup and is Porl Thompson's first album as an official member.

Singles from the Album
    "In Between Days"
    Released: 15 July 1985
UK Chart #15 Us Chart #99
    "Close to Me"
    Released: 9 September 1985
UK Chart #24

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Rewind: 1971 - The Who Release Who's Next

Is Who's Next the greatest album by The Who? Some say no, that's reserved for the album that followed in 1973, Quadrophenia, but I am of the opnion that it is the best and no amount of arm-twisting is going to change it! 

Who's Next - The Who
Produced by The Who and Glyn Johns
Released 25th August 1971
UK Chart #1
US Chart #4

The Who
    Roger Daltrey – vocals
    Keith Moon – drums, percussion
    John Entwistle – bass, brass, vocals, piano on "My Wife"
    Pete Townshend – guitar, VCS3, organ, A.R.P. synthesiser, vocals, piano on "Baba O'Riley"

Additional musicians
    Dave Arbus – violin on "Baba O'Riley"
   Nicky Hopkins – piano on "Getting in Tune"

Singles From The Album
     "Won't Get Fooled Again" Released: 25 June 1971
UK Chart #9 US Chart 15
    "Baba O'Riley" Released: 23 October 1971 (Europe)
Did Not Chart
    "Behind Blue Eyes" Released: 6 November 1971
US Chart #34.

The August Album Challenge: 25. An Album Older Than Me

An album older than me, that should be easy.

One of the greatest albums ever I reckon! In 2003, the album was ranked number 421 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time, 421 what planet are those people on! They think The Kardashians are talented so it's not like we could trust their judgement!

The Chirping Crickets - The Crickets
Produced by  Norman Petty
Released 27th November 1957

Monday, 24 August 2015

Music is the Doctor #16: Forty Years of Born To Run

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen this week's Music is the Doctor is spotlighting that album and the songs that never made it onto the album and we will see what else we can find that will aid in that celebration.

It's actually amazing to think that Born To Run might never have actually been released under the title we have have come to know and love. Back when Bruce was putting together the order for the project Born To Run at one point wasn't even being considered for the album. Read here a piece I did about it three years ago! Would he have had the same success he has today if he had actually taken that step, I guess we will never know.

A few years back I did a piece here on Soundtrack4Life about what Born To Run meant to me. I stick by the words I wrote then.

Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen
Produced By Bruce Springsteen, Jon Landau and Mike Appel
Released 25th August 195
US Chart #3 (#18 in 2005 for 30th Anniversary Edition)
UK Chart #36 (#17 on re-entry in 1985,

The E Street Band

    Bruce Springsteen – lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, harmonica, percussion
    Roy Bittan – piano, Fender Rhodes, organ, harpsichord, glockenspiel, background vocals on all tracks except "Born to Run"
    Clarence Clemons – saxophones, tambourine, background vocals
    Danny Federici – organ and glockenspiel on "Born to Run"
    Garry W. Tallent – bass guitar
    Max Weinberg – drums on all tracks except "Born to Run"
    Ernest "Boom" Carter – drums on "Born to Run"
    Suki Lahav - violin on "Jungleland"
    David Sancious – piano, organ on "Born to Run"
    Steven Van Zandt – background vocals on "Thunder Road", horn arrangements

Additional musicians
    Wayne Andre – trombone
    Mike Appel – background vocals
    Michael Brecker – tenor saxophone
    Randy Brecker – trumpet, flugelhorn
    Richard Davis – double bass on "Meeting Across The River"
    David Sanborn – baritone saxophone

On the Playlist
Born To Run Live
 01 Thunder Road (London Calling 2012)
02 Tenth Avenue Freeze Out (Capitol Theater Passaic NJ 1978)
03 Night (1981)
04 Backstreets (Hammersmith Odeon 1975)
05 Born To Run (Promo Video)
06 She's The One (Madison Square Gardens 2007)
07 Meeting Across The River (Melbourne 2014)
08 Jungleland (Hammersmith Odeon 1975)

Born To Run Outtakes
Linda Let Me Be The One.
So Young and In Love.
Walking In The Street.
Lonely Night In The Park.
A Love So Fine (Live Version 1975).
A Night Like This (aka Angel Baby - Live Unknown Source).
Janey Needs A Shooter.

Born To Run Covered
 01 Thunder Road - Frank Turner
02 Tenth Avenue Freeze Out - Joe Slomp
03 Night - Greg Mayo
04 Backstreets - Brian Fallon
05 Born To Run (Live) - Roger Daltrey
06 She's The One (Live) - U2
07 Meeting Across The River - Tom Wopat
08 Jungleland (Live) - GNGR
Born To Run Album
 01 Thunder Road
02 Tenth Avenue Freeze Out
03 Night
04 Backstreets
05 Born To Run
06 She's The One
07 Meeting Across The River
08 Jungleland

Thunder Road (Studio Outtake)
Born To Run (Live)

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