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Friday, 13 July 2018

S4L Radio Show Playlist #9: Singing Song Songs

When I was playing my iPod recently on shuffle I noticed that quite a number of songs following each other had the word "Song" in them. Of course this got me thinking about put together a wee playlist under the banner of Singing Song Songs.

It's a mixture of the wild and whacky (what else would it be from me?) from the seriousness of Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash & Joe Strummer to the plain daft of The Yobs!
There's Pop, there's Rock and everything inbetween and outside the lines. Hope you enjoy it.

The Playlist

On The Playlist
Radio Song (Tower of Luv Bug Mix) - R.E.M.
The Gold Song - Bouncing Souls
Song For A Future Generation - The B-52's
Song For Whoever - The Beautiful South
Wrote A Song For Everyone - John Fogetry (ft Miranda Lambert & Tom Morello)
Song For A Friend - Aztec Camera
Sing All The Saddest Songs - The Mighty Wah
The Worm Song _ The Yobs
Swansong - The Alarm
Tower Of Song - Leonard Cohen
This Is A Love Song For The Loveless - The Juliana Theory
The Mystery Song - Transvision Vamp
The Breakup Song - The Greg Kihn Band
Sea Song - Penetration
Looking For A Song - Big Audio Dynamite
Redemption Song - Johhny Cash & Joe Strummer
Empire Song - Killing Joke
Festival Song - Good Charlotte
Fort Bragg (The Kool-Aid Song) - Beki Hemingway
Like A Song - U2
Authority Song - John Mellencamp
The Parting Shot
The Last Song - Thousand Foot Krutch

Sunday, 1 July 2018

New Music 2018: Let's Ride - MxPx (June 2018)

Let's Ride - MxPx
From the fortchcoming album MxPx due out July 2018

 New Album Tracklist:
01. Rolling Strong
02. All Of It
03. Friday Tonight
04. Let’s Ride (RADIO SINGLE)
05. Uptown Streets
06. 20 / 20 Hindsight
07. The Way We Do
08. Life Goals
09. Pipe Dreams
10. Disaster
11. Moments Like This

Haters Gonna Hate!
MxPx Respond to "Fan" Comments

MxPx, now in their 26th year of life, are getting ready to unleash their crowd-funded Self-Titled new record, their tenth studio album by the way if you were counting. 
They released a brand new video for a song from the new self-produced work entitled Let's Ride. The album was recorded in their hometown of Bremerton, Washington. It will be available as a Download and I think the CD is only available to those who ordered it on the Kickstarter site for the album. Not totally sure about the Vinyl and what kind of quantities it will exist in.

Live in Jarkartar, Indonesia
May 2018

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