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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Mike Peters: 21 Songs, Wrexham 1st Nov. 2009

Here's the set list that Mike played on Sunday evening:
1. The Toilets: Alarm Alarm
2. Seventeen: 68 Guns
3. Eponymous: The Stand
4. Declaration: Tell Me
5. Strength: Walk Forever By My Side
6. Eye of the Hurricane: Rain in the Summertime
7. Electric Folklore: Rescue Me
8. Change: No Frontiers
9. Raw: Rockin in the Free World
10. Standards: Spirit of 76
11. Breathe: Breathe
12. Feel Free: Feel Free
13. Rise: Rise
14. Flesh and Blood: If I Ruled the World
15. Couloursound: I'm Alive
16. Poppy Fields: 45 RPM
17. Under Attack: Without a Fight
18. Counter Attack: Love Hope Strength
19. Guerilla Tactics: Alarm Calling
20: 21: The Rock and Roll
21. Alarm 2010- : Economic Pressure!

In between songs Mike shared tales of his musical journey through Punk Rock with The Toilets, Mod with Seventeen, The Alarm, his solo career and back to The Alarm again.

The three hour show was being filmed and recorded and it was a packed venue with standing room only at the Unviversity in Wrexham.

Check out some more videos from the show by clicking here!
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