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Friday, 12 March 2010

Punk Rock videos #6

The UK Subs

Its a fact that when the world finally happens to end Charlie Harper ( David Charles Perez ) and the latest incarnation of the UK Subs will be doing a gig somewhere and may it be so." Inspired by the Damned and Sex Pistols, they formed late in 1976 as the 'United Kingdom Subversives', soon shortening their name and playing all the London punk holes through '77. Two songs, including their minimalist classic 'I Live In A Car' appeared on the 'Farewell To The Roxy' album, and after a huge selling indie single in 1978 'C.I.D' they signed to Gem Records. Surprising everyone, they then became one of the most consistently and visibly successful punk bands, with seven consecutive UK Top 30 hits between 1979-81, establishing themselves throughout the world with a heavy touring schedule that continues today." ( from their web site) The early Subs produced a fine set of catchy, chuggy, punk songs. Quite successful too with at least three chart appearances on TOTP.

Singles to look out for: CID / Live In A Car / B1C ( 1978 City), Stranglehold / World War / Rockers (1979 Gem) , Tomorrows Girl / Scum Of The Earth / Telephone Numbers (1979 Gem).

Also the album Another Kind Of Blues (1979 Gem) that collects all these singles in albeit different versions. Selected cuts Crash Course / Lady Esquire and the infamous Does She Suck. After this one more good album Crash Course (1980 Gem). Selected cuts Emotional Blackmail and Organised Crime. 2 Tracks on Farewell to The Roxy album Telephone Numbers and I live In A Car. If you can check out the Gonads single Pure Punk For Row People with the track I Lost My Love To A UK Sub. What a tribute ! Great band live even now as they proceed towards their goal of releasing an album for each letter of the alphabet !

Of all the punk bands the Subs were the one band that I saw endless times between 1978 and 1981 I must have seen them at least 200 times!!

A classic Ruts single. They could have had so much more succes had Malcom not died of a drugs overdose.

Marc Bolan was a real champion of Punk and on his TV show 'Marc' he featured The Jam, The Damned (who he took out on tour with him), Eddie and the Hot Rods and of course the wonderful Generation X

Sound of the Suburbs still sounds great I think. It was a surprise hit for The Members and they had a couple of other hit singles but it was their albums that were excellent: At Chelsea Night Club and 1980 The Choice is Yours.

It is questionable if they were ever a punk band but they were classed in with it. This is their finest moment I think. Couldn't be bothered with all that Working for the Yankee Dollar nonsense that came later!

Eddie Tenpole Tudor is a legend!

Anti-Pasti were one of the more political bands that started to spring up in 78-79. Saw them with the UK Subs a few times and this track is clearly their best.

Hailing from Brighton Peter and the Test Tube Babies probably did more for the sales of Merrydown Cider than they ever did for themsleves. The Jinx was a cracking single as was 'Spirit of Keith Moon'.

A picture tribute to The Damned and what a great live band (must find some live vids)

Cock Sparrer would end up linked to the Oi movement and sadly to a lot of Right Wing Skinheads. This was their second single and is a pretty good cover of The Stones classic.

Henry Rollins singing with The Ruts. Possibly their best single and the last to feature Malcom.

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