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Sunday, 4 July 2010

My Favourite Album(s) Part 3

The Men They Couldn't Hang - Night of a Thousand Candles

I always remember the first time I heard 'Ironmasters' by MTCH back in 1985 and being totally blown away by it. Their sound was quite different to a lot of things that were going on at the time and they stood out in the Indie sector as a band worth watching. Not sure how I missed it but their debut single 'The Green Fields of France' (1984), but I do remember it from a four track John Peel Session (July 1984)that was pretty impressive ('Walkin Talkin', 'The Men They Couldn't Hang' and 'Boy Named Sue' were the other three songs).

The album doesn't have a poor track on it and is a fine mix of Folk and Punk that few bettered back in '85. It's right up there among my favourite debut albums.
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