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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

A Big Bad Beautiful Noise - The Godfathers (2017)

A Big Bad Beautiful Noise - The Godfathers
Metropolis/Cargo Records
Produced by Steve Crittall, Paul Robert Gray and The Godfathers
Released February 2017

Singles On A Big Bad Beautiful World
 A-Side: Rewind Time*

Released in June 2015
*Not included on the album

B-Side: Some Reaction

Released February 2017
7" Limited Edition Red Vinyl

A-Side: A Big Bad Beautiful Noise / You're So Slow
B-Side: Defibrillator (High Voltage Mix) / Human Zoo

Released as a Limited Editon 10" EP
June 2017


It's been four years since the last album Jukebox Fury and The Godfathers have already had a busy 2017 with the release of a single, an EP and a brand new spanking album entitled A Big Bad Beautiful Noise!

As seems to be the norm with The Godfathers  there have been changes in personnel as Chris Coyne left the band in 2016 ( other changes were made in 2014 and now the band only have one original member remaining in Peter Coyne) but that doesn't seem to have dampened their enthusiasm for playing big and loud rock and roll music.

The latest album sees them continuing in a similar vain to their previous albums giving us 11 slices of uncompromising rock and roll in their own characteristic style.

The Godfathers were always one of those bands that I thought deserved a wider hearing and greater success but maybe it is to their credit that they never became too huge as it's kept their feet firmly planted on the ground and they carry on delivering in live shows, no matter how small the stage (see below) and also on record.

The Godfathers - Live
9th February 2017

Cause I Said So.
If I Only Had Time.
You Don't Love Me.
One Good Reason.
How Low Is Low?
I Want You.
Till My Heart Stops Beating.
Unreal World.
Walking Talking Johnny Cash Blues.
Some Reaction.
A Big Bad Beautiful Noise.
This Is Your Life.
When Am I Coming Down?
I'm Unsatisfied.
Love Is Dead.
She Gives Me Love.
I Want Everything.
Let's Get Higher.
This Damn Nation.
Birth, School, Work, Death.
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