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Saturday, 16 September 2017

S4L Radio: Show #8 Playlist

It's been a couple of weeks since the last Playlist so here we go off another musical adventure. Enjoy.

The Playlist

On The Playlist
Radio - The Members
As is our custom we kick off with a song about the Radio. This one a 1982 single from The Members (who are about to release a brand new Singles collection as well as having out their Box Set The Members - The Virgin Years).

Surrender Control - Comeback Kid
From the brand new album Outsider on Nuclear Blast Records. When I'm feeling a little stressed I always find the soothing sounds of Comeback Kid act as a good relaxant! My wife always finds this to be most amusing!

Heroine - Mike Peters and The Alarm
From the crazy sound of Comeback Kid to something a little more gentler on the ears for you sensitive types! This was a very Limited Edition CD Single that Sold Out almost as soon as it went live on The Alarm's Website. The song can be found on their latest release which is called Viral Black and at present is only available from the band website (but will be available somewhere down the road next year in other outlets).

Weakness - Margo Price
Title track of her EP released at the end of July on Third Man Records. She's gearing up for the release of a brand new album called All American Made. If it's anything like her debut album Midwest Farmer's Daughter then we are in for a real treat.

 Grant Hart
18th March 1961 - 14th September 2017
The news of the passing of Grant Hart, former drummer for Hüsker Dü, founder of Nova Mob and Solo Artist, was very sad to hear of and on The Playlist we pay tribute to him with three songs written by him at various stages of his musical career:
Morningstar - Grant Hart (The Argument - 2013)
Over My Head - Nova Mob (The Last Days of Pompeii - 1991)
The Girl Who Lives On Heaven's Hill - Hüsker Dü (New Day Rising - 1985)

Grant Hart Obituary from The Guardian.

The Sky Is A Neighborhood - Foo Fighters
Taken from their ninth and latest studio album Conrete and Gold. They chose an interesting Producer for the album with Greg Kurstin who had previously worked with the likes of Rachel Stevens, All Saints, Peaches, Pink, Lily Allen, Jessica Simpson, Kylie Minogue, Sia, Devo (they seem strangely out of place on this list!), Kelly Clarkson, Adele, and Liam Gallagher to name but a few! Such strange bedfellows indeed! But amazingly it seems to have worked out just fine!

We're All In This Together - Walter Trout (featuring Joe Bonamassa)
Title track of the great Bluesman Walter Trout's latest star studded release on Provogue. Another little gem from the New Jersey Blues Journeyman following his excellent Battle Scars album in 2015.

Powderfinger - Neil Young
Taken from Hitchhiker that was released last week on Reprise. The album was unreleased for more than forty years and as it's Neil Young, you just never know what on earth he'll do next. The opening two songs (Pocahontas and Powderfinger) did feature on Rust Never Sleeps that was released in 1979 but with some changes to the versions that appear here).

Rockaway Beach - The Godchildren of Soul (featuring General Johnson and Joey Ramone)
Released as a single in 1994 and taken from the French released album Anyone Can Join! by The Godchildren of Soul (I have no idea who they were). General Johnson was the frontman for the Chairmen of the Board (of Give Me Just A Little More Time fame and he also wrote the song Patches that was a huge hit for Clarence Carter in 1970).
I actually only recently heard this and it has to be one of the most bizzare covers of a Ramones song I've ever heard! I really was not expecting that sound at all!

Ever Fallen In Love - Nouvelle Vague
Speaking of things recorded in France. Here's Nouvelle Vague's take on the classic Buzzcocks tune for their 2006 album Bande À Part.

Hysterie Connective - Métal Urbain
Their only single release on Radar Records back in January 1979 Métal Urbain were one of the great French Punk bands. They were active between 1976-1980 before disbanding. They reformed in 2003 and currently the band is sporting two members from the 1976 and 1977 line up: Éric Débris (Éric Daugu): singer, programming (since 1976) and Hermann Schwartz (Jean-Louis Boulanger): guitar (since 1977).

Hippopotamus - Sparks
The weird and the whacky title track from brothers Ron and Russell Mael's (AKA Sparks) first Studio outing since 2009's The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman (okay, they also did the FFS album in 2015 with Franz Ferdinand) and yes, there's a Hippo in the swimming pool on the cover! The album was released on the 8th September and immediately entered the UK Album Charts at #7 and thus became their first Top Ten album in over 40 years!

Sunny Came Home - Shawn Colvin
I find it amazing to discover that Shawn Colvin has only ever had one Top 40 album in her entire career and it was her fourth album A Few Small Repairs back in 1996. The album has recently been (yesterday actually!) reissued in a 20th Anniversary Format via Columbia. It comes with seven live bonus tracks. Sunny Came Home was her only hit single (#7 in the US) and won for her both Grammy Award for Record of the Year and Song of the Year. The video is on The Playlist is an acoustic performance of the song. The Co-write between Colvin and Neil Finn What I Get Paid For is not included on the album (it wasn't on the original US Release but was included on the European Release).

Do We Choose Who We Love - The Waterboys
From their recently released new album Out Of All This Blue (8th September 2017). I'm still trying to figure this album out. I like the fact that Mike Scott is willing to step out of his box of comfortability and experiment with new sounds etc. I think the album is one of those that's maybe gonna take some time to develop a fondness for. The track on The Playlist is the opening song from the album.

Waterfront - Simple Minds
Like The Waterboys in the mid-eighties Simple Minds were one of a number of groups placed under the banner of Big Music (whatever that's meant to mean!). One of their recent Acoustic shows (well actually November 2016) has been released on DVD/Blu-Ray and CD in conjunction with the BBC and Eagle Vision. The show is a fine trip through the catalogue spotlighting some of their best tracks. The Acoustic format comes across well in places but some songs do lose out a bit on the lack of power!

 Never Going Back - Hot Water Music
From their latest album, released yesterday on Rise Records entitled Light It Up. Hot Water Music return with their first studio album in five years and sound as brilliant as ever. Chuck Ragan, lead vocalist, has of course inbetween the spaces of work with Hot Water Music been carving out a Solo Career as well having released a number of Solo albums, a Soundtrack and assorted Split and Collaboration albums.

 Untraveled Roads (Live) - Thousand Foot Krutch
From the album of the same name and their second live album. It features songs from their Oxygen: Inhale (2014) and Exhale (2016) albums and is released on their own TFK Music label.

Untraveled Roads, the first live album from TFK since 2011’s Live At The Masquerade, represents a season of significant success for the band. With hits like “Courtesy Call,” “Running With Giants,” “War Of Change,” “Push,” “Untraveled Road,” “Let The Sparks Fly,” “Born This Way,” “Light Up The Sky” and “A Different Kind Of Dynamite,” the album well-represents the band’s last three indie records that have already garnered over 455,000 albums sold, two million digital downloads and more than 300 million streams.

The album was recorded during this year’s 46-city Winter Jam Tour Spectacular, that was attended by nearly 500,000 people.

  The Parting Shot
When The Show Is Over - Secret Affair
Well that's it for another week or so (I'll try and be a bit more regular!).
I leave you with a track from the second album - Behind Closed Doors - by those purveyors of all that is Mod, Secret Affair. A little birdie tells me that the band have some live dates coming up (Check Here).

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