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Monday, 30 April 2012

Bruce Springsteen - The Wrecking Ball Tour - Some Images

A few images from The First Leg of The Wrecking Ball Tour. I've tried to find who took the pictures but sometimes the name of the photographer is not available.
Apollo Theater Show 9th March 2012
Life on the Edge of Town (picture from
Philips Arena Atlanta Opening Night of the Tour
18th March 2012
Photo by Paulus Groenewegen

Greensboro 19th March 2012
 Bruce and Steve

Tampa Bay 23rd March
The Setlist

Boston 26th March 2012
The Boss Crowd Surfing!

Philadelphia 28th April 2012
In the crowd for 'Raise Your Hand'

Philadelphia 29th March 2012
Dancing in the Dark with Mum

East Rutherford NJ 3rd April 2012
Taking a nap between songs! Don't you believe it!
(photo by  Hilde Vandebroek)

That's one big band!
(photo by  Hilde Vandebroek)

East Rutherford NJ 4th April 2012
 'Say Cheese' during Ramrod!

Madison Square Gardens 6th April 2012
"This is not my guitar!"
(Photo by Christina)

Nils Lofgren and Bruce
(Photo by Zimbio)

Madison Square Gardens 9th April 2012
(Photo by Zimbio)

Detroit 12th April 2012
Bruce gets it right this time, it's Detroit not Ohio!

Buffalo 13th April 2012

Cleveland 17th April 2012
President and Vice President!

Waitin' on a Sunny Day

Los Angeles 26th April 2012
Bruce and Tom Morello 'Ghost of Tom Joad'
(Photo from Joseph Quever

Mrs Springsteen and The Professer
(Photo from Joseph Quever

Los Angeles 27th April 2012
Did Kevin Buell lose my guitar again (Buell was working his 1000th show)
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