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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Great Punk Singles Pt02

Soppy love songs are not something you associate with Punk but there were a few bands who wrote them (only ones by Buzzcocks came anywhere near to being as good as this one though). This is one of my favourite singles (easily Top Ten).

The Members - Offshore Banking Business/Solitary Confinement (Virgin 1979)

I picked this one not so much for the A-Side but for the B-side. 'Solitary Confinement' had originally been released as a single by Stiff Records but the remake for this single I think is the superior version.

It always reminds me of my teenage years, about breaking away from home and going on the adventure of a lifetime in the big bad world.

The Saints - This Perfect Day (Harvest 1977)

Australia was not really a place you expected a punk band to hail from but The Saints upped sticks and moved to the UK in order to unleash their brand of music. Their first single, 'I'm Stranded' is a classic but this one (their third single) is just priceless. They even managed to get on Top of the Pops with this!

The Last Words - Animal World (Rough Trade 1979)

A band from Sydney who moved to London in 1979 and ended up releasing a few singles and an album in 1980. 'Animal World' was originally released in Australia in 1977 (it had a different b-side to Rough Trade version, 'Wondering Why'), and then again in 1978 (b-side Every Schoolboy's Dream plays first!) and it's a little different to the version released in '79 by Rough Trade.

Malcom Baxter on vocals was a guy I met at a UK Subs show in 1979 and hung out with him a few times up at his squat in West Hampstead (not too far from The Moonlight Club).
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