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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Bruce Springsteen - Wrecking Ball Tour - Mexico City 10th December 2012

The Tour that began on 18th March 2012 in Atlanta ended last night in Mexico City. But fear not, it all kicks off again on 14th March 2013 in Brisbane, Australia! With a date in New York tomorrow night Bruce and the band will go into hibernation for the rest of winter! I wonder what goodies they will come up with for the next session of the tour.
It's a bit early for links at the moment but I'll keep on checking throughout the day and post any here that I find. 

5. Wrecking Ball

9. E Street Shuffle

14. Darlington County

15. Shackled And Drawn

20. Born In The USA

Note: 12.12.12 - well, there's still hardly any links around. I found 7 but only four are actual full clips. Grateful for what we have so far though! 
Doug W.

Note: 14.12.12 - Okay found a few more links. Doug W.
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