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Monday, 9 September 2013

Gems From My Collection: All Those Waisted Years - Hanoi Rocks (1984)

The month prior to the recording of the album it would have cost £1.50 to see the band at the club. On the December 9th show it would be £2.00 to get entrance.

Recorded in December 1983 at The Marquee and released in 1984 on album and video, 'All Those Wasted Years' captures Hanoi Rocks at their very best live and in concert at the Wardour Street, London venue.  

You will notice that the above album cover that 'Wasted' is actually spelt 'Waisted'. When the album first came out the intitial run crept out with that cover, it's a bit of a rare sight to see these days (later releases had the correct spelling). The tracklisting on the Video is a little different to the album. 'Visitor', '11th Street Kids' and 'Lost in the City' are missing from the video and 'Blitzkrieg Bop' (with Razzle on vocals and Michael Monroe on drums) is missing from the album release.

Ever since it's release it has remained as one of my favourite ever Live Albums.

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