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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Fleetwood Mac Live @ O2 in Dublin and London 20-25th September 2013

(Fleetwood Mac - 24th Sept London Photo by Simon Joyner)

The European Leg of the Fleetwood Mac  Live 2013 Tour kicked off in Dublin a few days ago (20th September). Two shows were played before moving on to London and the O2 Arena for three nights (24th, 25th, and 27th).

The shows have been getting some great reviews. I've listened to a few bootlegs from a the American dates and was amazed at how good they were sounding.

(Stevie Nicks - London 24th Sept photo by Simon Joyner)

The setlist for the shows seems to be the same every night and has rarely deviated even through the USA leg of the tour. I think this is a real shame though because a band of their quality could make changes most nights, or even throw in an audible here and there.

Nice touch in London having Christine McVie get up on stage for a song and very classy of Stevie Nicks to dedicate 'Landslide' to founding member of Fleetwood Mac - Peter Green - who was present in the audience.

(Lindsey Buckingham - London 24th Sept. Photo by Matt Kent)

(Mick Fleetwood London 24th Sept. Photo by Simon Joyner)

(John McVie London 24th Sept Photo by Unknown)

 (where there is no link from either the Dublin or London show for a song I've included one from the American Leg of the Tour)
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