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Sunday, 6 January 2019

Punk, Post-Punk & New Wave 1979 Playlist #1

A fine mix of tunes issued between January - March 1979 that includes Debut Singles from Monochrome Set, The Ruts and The Scars from Edinburgh; major label Debuts from The Members and The Skids; as well as tunes from the usual suspects like The Clash, Ramones, X-Ray Spex, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Generation X, The Undertones, The Jam, Sham 69 and Buzzcocks. There's Peel Session performances from Gang of Four, Tubeway Army and Adam and the Ants. It all kicks off with the return of The Damned who would go on to sign with Chiswick Records and release some excellent singles and a magnificent third album in 1979.

On The Playlist
Love Song/Burglar (The Dodgy Demo 7") - The Damned
Outdoor Miner - Wire
I Found The Essensce Rare (Peel Session) - Gang of Four
She's The One - Ramones
Ain't You - Kleenex
Get Over You - The Undertones
He's Frank - Monochrome Set
King Rocker - Generation X
The Sound of the Suburbs - The Members
In A Rut - The Ruts
Rubber Cars - The Wasps
Into The Valley - The Skids
Pressure Drop (B-Side) - The Clash
Overcome by Fumes - Rudi
Strange Town - The Jam
Down In The Park (Peel Session) - Tubeway Army
Why Can't I Touch It? (B-Side) - Buzzcocks
I Need Nothing - Menace
Cold City - Spizzoil
Questions and Answers - Sham 69
Highly Inflammable - X-Ray Spex
Adult/ery - The Scars
The Staircase (Mystery) - Siouxsie and the Banshees
Never Trust a Man with Egg on his Face (Peel Session) - Adam and the Ants

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