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Tuesday, 29 January 2019

The S4L Kid Friendly Playlist...Sort of!

On a cold winter's day, with the snow falling down, the schools maybe closed for safety reasons, the roads in total chaos (the UK usually comes to a standstill if there is more than a couple of inches of snow!), how are you going to occupy the kids? Well, "The S4L Kid Friendly Playlist...Sort of!", has come to the rescue. Songs from great tv shows when I was a kid plus a host of other Kid related songs will keep them busy while they are drying out after a session of sledging or being outside to build Snowmen (or do we have to say Snow People in light of current PC guidelines! 😄). 


On The Playlist

If The Kids Are United - Sham 69 

Teenage - UK Subs 

Spiderman - Ramones  

Batman - The Who 

I'm Lion-O/Thundercats - Relient K  

The Bare Necessities (from The Jungle Book)- Steel Pulse  

Stay Together For the Kids - Blink 182  

Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio - New Found Glory  

(Meet) The Flinstones - The B-52's  

Furry Happy Monsters - R.E.M. and Seasame Street Monsters  

You've Got A Friend In Me (from Toy Story) - Sly and Robbie  

Teeneage Rampage - Vice Squad  

Just a Kid (from Spongebob Squarepants Movie) - Wilco  

Cats in the Cradle - Harry Chapin  

Lights Out (from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) - P.O.D.  

International Rescue - Fuzzbox  

Saturdays Kids - The Jam  

Banana Splits - The Dickies  

Hong Kong Phooey Theme - Sublime  

The Trumpton Riots - Half Man Half Biscuit  

Two Little Boys - Splodgenessabounds 

The Worm Song - The Yobs  

Captain Scarlet Theme - VOIVOD  

Joe 90 Theme Tune - Green Beans and Monkey Nuts 

Fireball XL5 - XTC 

Where's Captain Kirk - Spizzenergi  

The Young Ones - Menace  

Teenage Warning - Angelic Upstarts  

Kids and Heroes - The Bouncing Souls  

The Kids Are Alright - The Pleasers

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