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Friday, 14 October 2011

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Automatic Deluxe Edition


The third album by The Jesus and Mary Chain, Automatic, when released in September 1989 did not meet with a lot of acclaim. The album was criticized for it's use of synths in place of the bass guitar and a drum machine. The album reached #11 in the UK charts and was well outside the Top 100 in the USA. Two singles were released from the album - 'Blues from a Gun' and 'Head On' (later covered by The Pixies) and both failed to break into the top 30. Included on this Deluxe Version is the brilliant 'Sidewalking' single. The Extended Mix lasting 7 minutes and 51 seconds is the definitive version according to the band and was often the set closer.

I have to totally disgree with Victoria Segal from Q Magazine regarding her comments on the album in the latest issue of the monthly music mag. She said that the album is "unconvincing" and is where "the Reids' love of Americana turned septic. UV Ray and Blues From A Gun sound like The Stooges produced by Bon Jovi and while Head On, later covered by The Pixies, is tremendous - as is the drum-machine bounce of  the Sidewalking single - Automatic is lesscrash and burn, more rattle and hum." (Q304 p144). I don't find the album "unconvincing" at all and after not listening to it for at least 10 years playing it again confirmed to me afresh that I actually loved this album a little bit more than 'Darklands'. I was blown away agin by some of the classic b-sides, 'Subway' in particular and their lovely version of 'My Girl' from the John Peel Session of 31st May 1988, is another great cover to add to the list.

Tracklist: The Jesus and Mary Chain, Automatic

CD 1
1. “Here Comes Alice”
2. “Coast To Coast”
3. “Blues From A Gun”
4. “Between Planets”
5. “UV Ray”
6. “Her Way Of Praying”
7. “Head On”
8. “Take It”
9. “Halfway To Crazy”
10. “Gimme Hell”
11. “Drop”
12. “Sunray”

Sidewalking Single
13. “Sidewalking” (Extended Version)
14. “Sidewalking”
15. “Sidewalking” (Chilled To The Bone Mix)
16. “Taste Of Cindy” (Live in Detroit)
17. “April Skies” (Live in Detroit)

CD 2

Surfin' USA Promo 12"
1. “Surfin’ USA” (Summer Mix)

2. “Shimmer”
3. “Penetration”
4. “Break Me Down”
5. “Subway”
6. “In The Black”
7. “Terminal Beach”
8. “Deviant Slice”
9. “I’m Glad I Never”
10. “Drop” (Acoustic Remix)

BBC Radio Session
11. “Sidewalking”
12. “Coast To Coast”
13. “Take It”
14. “My Girl”
15. “Far Gone And Out”
16. “Silverblade”
17. “Here Comes Alice”

18. “Coast To Coast” (Alternate – William Vox)
19. “Just Out Of Reach” (88 version)
20. “Radio Ad”
21. “Nine Million Rainy Days” (Live in Detroit)


Promo Videos
1. “Sidewalking”
2. “Just Out Of Reach”
3. “Blues From A Gun”
4. “Head On”
5. “Her Way Of Praying”

TV Appearances
6. “Gimme Hell – SNUB TV”
7. “Take It – SNUB TV”
8. “Interview – Rapido”
9. “Interview – MTV Week In Rock”
10. “Interview – MTV Australia”

Sidewalking Extended Mix

Just Out Of Reach (Promo Video)

Head On (Live)

Blues From A Gun (Promo Video)
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