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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Gems From My Collection: Favourite Singles Part 2

I'm not really a huge fan of Blink 182 but I love this song a lot. The video for it is superb as well.

Stay Together For The Kids - Blink 182

Green Day are another of those bands that I would not say I was a fan of but every now and again they manage to release a quality single. It just happens that on 'American Idiot' there were two classy singles (this one and 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams')

Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day

Good Charlotte lost their way a bit with the release of  'The Chronicles of Life and Death' album but it's predecessor 'The Young and The Hopeless' brought them to a place of prominence and garnered a hat full of superb singles including this one (which personally I think is one of the best they have ever written).

Hold On - Good Charlotte

The Boys third single release should have been a smash hit but their record label was terrible in it's promotion (well lack of!). To my ears it still sounds brilliant even after all these years. It's hard to believe that it was released way back in 1978!

Brickfield Nights - The Boys

Another 1978 classic. A great band live and just a little disappointing when it came to studio output. Their two albums ('I, Individual' and 'The Word Is Out') are not bad and contained a few good songs but their finest moment was this one. Like a number of bands around the same time I think their Record Labels didn't really now what to do with them and so did as little as possible to promote them.

Fight Back - Gloria Mundi
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