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Friday, 16 December 2011

Stuart Adamson 11 April 1958 - 16 December 2001

"Some days will stay a thousand years 
Some pass like the flash of a spark
Who knows where all our days go"

It's been 10 years since Stuart Adamson passed away and whilst gone he and the music he created has not been forgotten.

Earlier this year a memorial bench was put in place at Pittencrief Park in Dunfermline after a long process by fans of the Stuart and the band.

My own personal memories of Stuart started way back when he was guitarist for The Skids. John Peel played their first single 'Charles'

Charles (Audio)

Even back then Stuart was developing that signature guitar sound that he would later become a star with fronting Big Country. I remember seeing them at The Marquee in London when 'Into the Valley' had been released and they were destined for chart success. They were brilliant back then and their debut album 'Scared to Dance' is amazing to listen to all these years later.

Into the Valley

When Stuart left The Skids prior to the recording of their last album ('Joy') he resurfaced with a brand new band - Big Country. They unleashed their debut single in September 1982 and 'Harvest Home' barely scrapped the lower reaches of the chart.

Harvest Home (The Tube 1984)

Between 1983-1988 they had 11 Top 30 hit singles and four Top Ten albums (including 'Steeltown' which reached number one).

Fields of Fire (The Tube 1983)

In A Big Country (from the Wonderland DVD filmed in Essen, Germany 1986)

Wonderland (OGWT at Reading Hexagon)

There's actually so many good tracks that I could put up on here but I'll finish this with one of the most beautiful songs that Stuart ever performed.

Fragile Thing (with Eddie Reader)

Whilst today is a sad day as we reflect upon the untimely passing of Stuart at the age of 43, it is also a day to remember the brilliant music that he left behind. That will be his legacy.

One of my good friends reminded me this morning that December is a pretty sad month because of the deaths of Kirsty MacColl (18th December) and Joe Strummer (22nd December).
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