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Friday, 2 December 2011

Mike Peters - Glee Club Cardiff 27th November 2011

The final date on Mike Peter's 30th Anniversary Acoustic Tour was in Cardiff. Simon Bevan was the trusty cameraman getting these videos and the pictures are from M.P.O.

Todays's blog is dedicated to the memory of Andy Gray, long time Guitar Tech for Mike Peters and The Alarm. On December 1st 2011 he passed away following a battle against Motor Neurone Disease. He will be sorely missed by his family and the whole Alarm family.


Only the thunder( dedicated to Gary Speed)

Breathe - no video

Unsafe Building

Another country

Hard land - no video

Wasting land

No frontiers

Rivers to cross

New South Wales

Bells of Rhymney


Walk Forever By My Side

Rain in the Summertime - no video

Rose beyond the wall

Pavilion steps

Where we're you hiding ... - no video


Badge of honour

Without a fight

Absolute reality

Poetic justice - no video

The rock n roll still burns..

Spirit if '76 - no video

One Step Closer to Home

In a big country - no video

68 guns

One guitar

Blaze of Glory

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