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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Billy Bragg - Reaching To The Converted 1999


  1. "Shirley" (Billy Bragg)
  2. "Sulk" (Words by Billy Bragg, Music by Billy Bragg & Cara Tivey)
  3. "Accident Waiting to Happen" (Red Star Version) (Billy Bragg)
  4. "The Boy Done Good" (Words by Billy Bragg, Music by Johnny Marr)
  5. "Heart Like a Wheel" (Anna McGarrigle)
  6. "Bad Penny" (Billy Bragg)
  7. "Ontario, Quebec and Me" (Billy Bragg)
  8. "Walk Away Renee" (Version) (Music by Mike Lookofsky, Toby Sansome, Bob Calilli, Monologue: Billy Bragg)
  9. "Rule Nor Reason" (Billy Bragg)
  10. "Days Like These" (UK Version) (Billy Bragg)
  11. "Think Again" (Dick Gaughan)
  12. "Scholarship Is the Enemy of Romance" (Billy Bragg)
  13. "Wishing the Days Away" (Ballad Version) (Billy Bragg)
  14. "The Tatler" (Ry Cooder, Russ Titleman)
  15. "Jeane" (Stephen Morrissey & Johnny Marr)
  16. "She's Leaving Home" (John Lennon & Paul McCartney)
  17. "I Don't Need This Pressure Ron" (Billy Bragg)

Probably my favourite collection of Billy Bragg tunes: B-sides, A-Sides, Cover Versions and even an unreleased version of a tune or two.

No particular reason for posting it other than the fact I was listening to and thought it would be nice to share some of these great tunes.

The album was released in August 1999 inbetween the Mermaid Avenue releases and reached a respectable number 41 in the UK Charts.

Click on song titles to go to a video for the song (apologies for not having complete links, some songs are not on You Tube).

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