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Monday, 7 May 2012

Damon Albarn - Dr Dee 2012

Not really sure what make of this! An Opera! The man who gave us 'Parklife', 'Song 2' and other wonderful ditties has turned his hand to Opera! An Opera about a 16th Century Scientist and Magician Dr John Dee.

It's nice to see a musician developing (and Damon Albarn has been doing that for most of his career) but it's a bit of a mystery putting out an album like this. Maybe I'm not cultured enough to appreciate it. The music press of course is going slightly gaga about it (but then some would say when have they ever been the purveyour of good musical taste when they tout a band like Coldplay as being something special!). For me (yes my view, not anyone elses) it's not really something I could listen to more than once. It all sounds a little dull in places and just a bit pretentious.
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