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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Buzzcocks Reissued...Again?

I was interested to read a review in the latest editon of Uncut Magazine of the Reissue of the first three Buzzcocks albums. Surely this is wrong! The albums were only released in Special Editons back in 2010, so why on earth would they be releasing them again? Thus far I've been unable to track down any other information about them. If there is nothing forthcoming then I can only deduce that Uncut Magazine is seriously three years behind the times!

Whatever the case though, if you don't own the Special Editions of the albums they are well worth getting hold of. With lots of bonus tracks and an extra disc in each album that has b-sides, sessions and live material, they capture the band when they were first unleashing their creative flow upon the public. So many classic tunes spread over the three albums. What are you waiting for?

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