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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Alarm - Gathering 21 - 26th January 2013

I'll add more links when they become available. Enjoy.
Alarm Calling
Drunk and Disorderly
Eye of the Hurricane (Never played live by The Alarm before)
Down the Road
My Town
Without a Fight
Spirit of 76

Change to Vinyl Set
Free Rock and Roll
Nothing to do
Hear Me Out
Alarm Alarm
Standing on the Corner
Free Rock and Roll video shoot
Spirit reprise
Blaze of Glory
Breed Apart
Unsafe Building
Marching  On
The Stand
68 Guns
Where Were You Hiding
Absolute Reality
Walk Forever  By My Side
Rain in the Summertime
Rescue Me
Sold Me Down the River
New South Wales
Moments in Time
After the Rock and Roll/One Guitar
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