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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Joe Brown - The Ukulele Album (2012)

I'm not quite sure how this album passed me by when it was released. Heard it for the first time before Christmas and was totally blown away! Now, I know some folks will be sitting reading this scratching their heads and thinking, "he's totally lost the plot, it's a Ukulele album!" But please, give it a listen. Joe's team have put together a playlist of tracks from the album and it's worth spending a bit of time being stunned at how Joe, a 71 year old, manages to bring a very sweet interpretation to some of Rock's most well known songs: 'Pinball Wizard', 'Mr Blue Sky' and even a very tidy rendition of Motorhead's classic 'Ace of Spades'.

Joe Brown MBE has been in the game for many many years. He started out in 1958 with his first band, inspired by the whole Skiffle sound of Lonnie Donegan and in 1960 that band became his backing band The Bruvvers who would go onto attain many hit singles. Since 1962 he has released over 30 albums. He seems to have gained a new army of fans since apearring at The Royal Albert Hall as part of the concert to celebrate the life and music of George Harrison. In 2010 he was even out touring with Status Quo!! In 2009 Mojo Magazine awarded him 'The Outstanding Contribution to Music Award'.

We tip our hat to a man who has survived in the business for so many years and continues to release albums of new music and tour. At 71 years old you'd think that he'd be happy to put his slippers on and put his feet up for a well earn rest!
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