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Monday, 2 October 2017

40 Years of Punk & New Wave: The Sounds of 1977 #9 Playlist

It's been many months since I last did a Playlist for The Sounds of 1977 (April was the last one!). Thought I should rectify that and unleash another twenty tracks that were lighting up my teenage life!

The Playlist

On The Playlist
The Punk - Cherry Vanilla
During a tour in early 1977 Cherry Vanilla (Kathleen Dorritie) was backed by the band who were also the support The Police.

I Just Want To Be Myself - The Drones
B-Side of Bone Idol released on 1st October 1977.

Get Off The Phone - Heartbreakers
Taken from their Debut Album L.A.M.F. that was released 3rd October 1977.

I Gave My Punk Jacket To Rickie - Mary Monday
Released in the USA on Malicious Productions.

Innocents - John Cooper Clark
From the Debut EP on Rabid Records.

 Ripped and Torn - The Radiators From Space
Taken from the Debut Album TV Tube Heart on Chiswick Records that was released in October 1977. Vocalist Steven Rapid left the band shortly before the album was recorded and Phil Chevron took over vocal duties.

Man Who Dies Every Day - Ultravox!
B-Side of German Released Single Frozen and also was featured on their second album Ha!-Ha!-Ha! which was released 14th October 1977.

Withdrawal - The Unwanted
Taken from their 7" Debut released as the sixth single from Raw Records. Prior to this they had appeared on The Roxy London WC2 album.

The Bitch - Slaughter and The Dogs
Flip side of Cranked Up Really High and whilst it was a Double A-Side this track rarely gets a mention when looking back over their singles as Cranked Up was a much better song. The Debut 7" was the first single to be released on Rabid Records.

Wild Youth - Generation X
Second single from Billy Idol and Co.

Song of The Street (What Have We Got) - Sham 69
Not the actual Single Sided 7" version but the John Peel Session version that was broadcast in December 1977 ("No swearing now, this is the BBC").

1.2.X.U. - Wire
B-Side of the Debut Single Mannequin.

Rockaway Beach - Ramones
First single from the third Ramones album Rocket To Russia that was released in November 1977. Showing how incredibly thoughtful the label were they released one of the finest Summer anthems during Winter!

Quit This Town - Eddie and The Hot Rods
Follow up to their smash hit Do Anything You Wanna Do. The single reached #36 and was released in December 1977.

I Am A ClichΓ© - X-Ray Spex
B-Side to their impressive Debut Single Oh Bondage Up Yours! This was the only single they did for Virgin Records.

One Way Street - The Saints
Released in September 1977 as a Double 7" Pack. It did not chart (This Perfect Day was the only single of theirs to actually chart in the UK reaching #34).

Runnin' Riot - Cock Sparrer
"I can't stand the peace and quiet" - and so begins the chorus to the Debut Single from Cock Sparrer on Decca Records.

Flying Saucer Attack - The Rezillos
Was a Double A-Side along with (My Baby Does) Good Sculptures and was their Debut release for Sire Records.

Whole Wide World - Wreckless Eric
One of the greatest singles ever released on Stiff Records. A stone cold classic in my book.

Into The Future - The Vibrators
Opening track of the Debut Album Pure Mania and the B-Side to one of their most brilliant singles ever in Baby Baby.

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