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Friday, 20 October 2017

S4L Radio: Show #11 Playlist

Listen To The Playlist Here:

On The Playlist
Radio Wunderbar - The Carpettes
Taken from their 1977 Debut EP on Small Wonder Records. When they left Small Wonder for a bigger label I thought they went downhill and Beggars Banquet didn't seem to know what to do with them.

 Wunderbar - Tenpole Tudor
Hit single for the wild and whacky Eddie Tenpole Tudor (or Edward Tudor-Pole as he goes by these days I think). Released in 1980 on Stiff Records.

Some Kinda Wonderful - Q-Tips
Another 1980 offering and taken from their one and only Debut Studio album of the Paul Young fronted Q-Tips. It was issued as a single in The Netherlands. They were actually pretty good live. Young of course went on to have a fairly successful solo career.

Wonder - Natalie Merchant
Second Solo single from former lead vocalist of 10,000 Maniacs. I still can't understand how this was not a massive hit. I have included a live TV performance from Letterman on The Playlist.

There She Is - Frank Turner
Taken from his up and coming new album Songbook which is basically a "Best of" and will include a disc of reworkings of a number of his popular songs. This particular track is the only new one on the album. For tracklisting and release dates etc CLICK HERE.

Grace, Too - The Tragically Hip
I put this one on The Playlist as a wee tribute to Gord Downie who passed away on 17th October 2017. Glioblastoma, an aggressive form of Brain Cancer was the cause of his death. The Canadian band were much loved and it shows you the kind of respect that Downie had when the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke so highly of him and the House of Commons in Canada held a moment of silence in memory of him.
Grace, Too was released as a single in 1994 and peaked at #11 on the Canadian Charts. It was the opening track to their album Day For Night that was also released in 1994 and was the band's third #1 album.

She Got The Garden - Paul Heaton + Jacqui Abbott
Taken from their third studio album Crooked Calypso that was released in July this year. The album went to #1.

Southern Gothic - Tyminski
Dan Tyminski, best known for his voice on the movie soundtrack of O Brother Where Art Thou and as a member of Union Station who back Alison Krauss has released his third Studio Album, Southern Gothic, but for this project he's just going by his surname for some reason or another.
If you want to read more about the album you can do so by Clicking Here.

Sell Me A Diamond - David Crosby
Taken from his latest album (his third album of original material in four years) that was released at the end of September 2017 entitled Sky Trails.

Caroline - Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers
Taken from The Long-Awaited Album released in September 2017 Steve Martin once again unleashes his banjo playing skills. The version on The Playlist is a live TV performance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Rewind - The Professionals
From the brand new album What In The World that is scheduled for release at the end of this month. The track features Phil Collen of Def Leppard on guitar. The album does feature Steve Jones on a few tracks but mainly guitar duties are carried out by various guests like Duff McKagen (Guns 'n' Roses), Mick Jones (The Clash, Big Audio Dynamite), Billy Duffy (The Cult) and Marco Pirroni (Adam and The Ants and The Wolfmen). Paul Cook and bassist Paul Myers (ex-Subway Sect) are joined by Tom Spencer (vocals since 2015).

The Queen Is Dead - The Smiths
Remastered and extended with Demos, B-Sides and a live concert from Boston. It is released today (20th October 2017). The version on The Playlist is the unedited version that appears on the Deluxe Version.

Spent The Day In Bed - Morrissey
From the up and coming album Low In High School due in November 2017. Controversy always seems a part of the course when a new Morrissey record is on the cards. He's a bit of a numpty about voicing support for a member of UKIP but as he lives outside the UK these days you can't honestly take him too seriously!

The Obvious Child - Paul Simon
Taken from his album The Rhythm of The Saints that was released in October 1990.

Speak Like A Child - The Style Council
I have to confess to not really being a huge fan of The Style Council. There were a few singles that I liked but on the whole I found them quite drab which was surprising considering that Weller had come from such a great band in The Jam to basically record second rate elevator music (bar a few exceptions of course)! I realise there will be some reading this who will be most upset with what I have just said but hey, you like what you like and if it doesn't appeal too much to me then I hope you respect my decision to not take great delight in everything Mr Weller has done as you do!

The first of three Weather related songs as we draw to a close
Rain - The Cult
The Cult's Love album that was released in 1985 is another of my favourites from that year. A few great singles were released from it and as She Sells Sanctuary is always the one that gets played I thought I'd dig out Rain. The single reached #17 on the UK Chart.

The Sun and the Rain - Madness
This one was the 14th single of Madness to enter the Top Ten in the UK.

Sun - Aztec Camera
Taken from the final Aztec Camera album Frestonia before Roddy Frame decided to trade under his own name. It's an album I still love very much and it was sad to see the band fizzle out, though it's great seeing Roddy out there still writing and playing.

Look Back In Anger - David Bowie
Originally released as the first single in the USA from the album the Lodger and recently reissued as part of the Box Set A New Career In Town (1976-1982). Also part of the set are Low, Heroes, "Heroes" EP, Stage (both Original and a 2017 version), Lodger (both remastered version and a 2017 Tony Visconti mix), Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) and a disc of Singles, B-Sides and other odds and ends.

The Parting Shot
Long Walk Home - Bruce Springsteen
Wasn't actually released as a proper single but was issued as a Promo CD for European Radio stations. It first appeared on the 2007 Magic album.

I want to dedicate this one to all of my friends in the USA who daily are having to live under a Government and a President who have lost sight of what it means to be an American (and a human being) and are constantly blurring the lines of what the Stars and Stripes stand for:

"Your flag flyin' over the courthouse
Means certain things are set in stone.
Who we are, what we'll do and what we won't
It's gonna be a long walk home"
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