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Thursday, 26 October 2017

S4L Radio: Show #12 Playlist

A fresh helping of tunes and once again a very mixed bag offering everything from Hip-Hop to Funk, Electronica to Rhythm & Blues, Country to New Wave! A three song tribute to the late Fats Domino as well and boy what a way to spend your time!

It can only be the S4L Radio Show Playlist!

The Playlist
Listen Here:

On The Playlist
Can't Live Without My Radio - L.L. Cool J
Debut single release from L.L. Cool J on Def Jam that barely bullied it's way into the UK Top 100 Singles (stalling at #95) and was the title track to the Debut album 'Radio' released in November 1985. On the UK reissue version (it was originally released in October 1985 in the USA and January 1986 in the UK) of the single released in September 1986 Rock The Bells was the B-Side.

Worth My While - Bootsy Collins (featuring Kali Uchis)
Making a welcome return after an absence of 6 years is the great Bootsy Collins with his brand new album World Wide Funk on Mascot Records. Collins of course has a very colourful past playing with James Brown and George Clinton and Funkadelic, Parliament, Bootsy's Rubber Band, Hardware, Science Faxtion, various collaborations and of course Bootsy's New Rubber Band.

 One Nation Under A Groove - Funkadelic
Having mentioned Funkadelic it would seem wrong to move on without playing One Nation Under A Groove (released November 1978 reaching #9 in the UK and #28 in the USA). Have to confess to not really being a great lover of a lot of dance/disco/funk music but I always had a fondness for this track.

State of the Nation - New Order
Released in September 1986 and only reached #30 on the charts and is a personal favourite of mine. The flip side was an alternate version entitled Shame of the Nation.

Land of Shame (Extended Remix) - Spear of Destiny
I have said many times that I'm not always keen on Remixes but there are a few exceptions, this being one of them. Originally on the B-Side of the 12" of Never Take Me Alive that was their biggest hit single reaching #14 way back in 1987 and the original version was also on the Outland album which reached #16 in the UK Charts.

Speaking of Shame (a very poor link indeed! 😀) that kind of leads me onto a wee tribute to the passing of a great Rhythm and Blues and Rock and Roll Legend Fats Domino. The news of his passing, aged 89, broke yesterday. 😢

So here's a few Fats classics in his honour.

 Detroit City Blues - Fats Domino
His first ever release way back in 1949!
Ain't That A Shame - Fats Domino
Mis-titled on the original US label version as Ain't It A Shame. His first ever UK hit in 1955 reaching #23 and #10 in the USA.

Valley of Tears - Fats Domino
Here's another of my favourites from Fats. It was released as a single in 1957 reaching #25 in the UK and #8 in the USA.

Valley of Tears - Solomon Burke (featuring Gillian Welch)
Same song title as the Fats Domino track but a completely different song altogether. This one written by Gillian Welch and here she gets to accompany the big man. The song was featured on his magnificent Nashville album that was produced by Buddy Miller and also featured guest slots by Dolly Parton, Patty Griffin, Emmylou Harris and Patty Loveless. I absolutely love this album and would highly encourage you to track it down if you haven't heard it already.

Into The Valley - Skids
Another strange link this one, from Solomon Burke to the Skids! But hey it had to be done. The version on The Playlist is a live version from earlier this year at The Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh. The Skids have been out celebrating 40 years throughout this year.

Art School - The Jam
Just out recently a new Box Set spotlighting The Jam's output from 40 years ago in 1977. Included are remastered versions of In The City and This Is The Modern World albums, Demos from 1977, a couple of Peel Sessions, and a previously unreleased live show from The Nashville in London. There's also a DVD that features a couple of Promos and various TV performances (Top of the Pops, Marc and So It Goes).

Do You Love Me - Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers
Another album getting reissued as a 40th Anniversary Edition (again! It was only reissued in 2015 on Pink and Black coloured vinyl for Record Store Day!) is L.A.M.F. - The Lost '77 Mixes, it's on Jungle Records  (they have certainly milked a lot of pennies on this one having put it out in (1984 - L.A.M.F. Revisited, 1994 - The Lost '77 Mixes, 2003 - The Lost '77 Mixes and Demos, Outtakes and Alternative Mixes, 2011 - The Lost '77 Mixes Clear Vinyl, 2012 and also L.A.M.F. - The Definitive Edition in 2012 on CD and Vinyl in 2013). Money grabbing swines!! 😲
Apprently there is also yet another reissue of So Alone by Johnny Thunders (which was actually only reissued last year!) and also a Picture Disc for a Compilation called Give Him A Great Big Kiss by Johnny Thunders. Both of these are to be released on the Remarquable Records.

A Matter of Time - Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings
Taken from the final album Soul of a Woman that is due for release a year after the passing of Sharon Jones. She died on 18th November 2016 having battled against cancer twice, first in 2013 and then again in 2015. She had a couple of strokes and jokingly had blamed Trump's victory in the Presidential Election for the first of them! Such a great voice that we should feel honoured to hear again if only for one more album!

 Over Everything - Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile
Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile make for an interesting collaboration on their latest album Lotta Sea Lice (released 13th October 2017).  
Vile was the former lead vocalist for The War on Drugs and is based in Pennsylvania and wrote this song in particular with Courtney Barnett's voice in mind. As a resulting jam session between the pair took place an album was born.

What The Hell's Goin' On - Flamin' Groovies
A live version filmed at a show in Paris last month of the song that opens the first Flamin' Groovies studio album since Rock Juice in 1992 is The Playlist. I'm dying to hear the album myself as from various reviews I've read it sounds like they are on fine form regaining that special sound they have that graced brilliant albums like Teenage Head, Shake Some Action and Supernazz.

Holy Mountain - Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
I've not always been warm towards Noel and his High Flying Birds but for some strange reason this little foretaste of his up and coming up album Who Built The Moon? (released in November 2017) sounds mighty fine to my ears. I may have to investigate the album when it comes out.
Let's just say that I think this song is better than his brother Liam's album which for an odd reason sounds to me like a Big Issue seller trying to get rid of his last copy! No offence to sellers of the Big Issue was meant there! 😁

Little Bit - Mavis Staples
Jeff Tweedy once again has teamed up with Mavis Staples for her new album If All I Was Was Black (due out in November 2017). Following on from her 2016 album Living On A High Note, this new one which is maybe a bit more political is liable to further cement her legendary status.

The Parting Shot
This Is How The World Will End - The Elms
"When the dollar made with blood is spent,
When an enemy can't become a friend.
When the better man won't lend a hand,
Baby, this is how the world will end.
When a day of hope is a rarity,
Or a diplomat hasn't time to see
That a child lost is a true offense,
Baby, this is how the world will end.

Bring a chair up to the table.
Bring a message to the crowd.
Where's a common trust to deliver us from the wretched and the proud?
Sing a tune about the promise.
Speak on that which we depend.
And if a certain light don't shine again,
Baby, this is how the world will end.

When the poorest kid is fending for himself,
Or the widow cries, but she gets no help.
When we know what's true, but we still pretend,
Baby, this is how the world will end.

Bring a chair up to the table.
Bring a message to the crowd.
Where's a common trust to deliver us from the wretched and the proud?
Sing a tune about the promise.
Speak on that which we depend.
Now let that certain light come shinin' then,
Baby, we could change the world again."

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