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Saturday, 4 November 2017

QSP - Quatro, Scott & Powell

QSP - Quatro, Scott & Powell
Warner Music Russia (!)
Released 2017

Get three of the top 1970's Pop/Rock Superstars together, with over 150 years of musical experience between them, stick them in a studio and let the magic happen!

(Don, Suzi and Andy)

It's kind of how it went with the collective known as QSP that features Suzi Quatro - Bass and Vocals, Andy Scott (The Sweet) - Guitar and Vocals and Don Powell (Slade) - Drums.

All three were a huge part of my musical life back when I was a kid. There was always the debate as to who was better Slade or The Sweet (Slade won it hands down every time in my book!) and of course the Detroit Dynamite Suzi Quatro was probably one of the first posters on the wall for many a young boy back then! I had seen video of Suzi and Andy working together before back in the 1980's so it was a real surprise to see Don joining them and making a classic little Supergroup!

The album was released in Australia earlier this year when the band were touring and it's only recently been issued here in Europe as a Deluxe Edition. Whilst a number of Cover versions are included on the album the band actually wrote some songs specifically for the album.

I was actually very impressed with it.

Listen Here:

 1 Slow Down 3:45
2 Long Way From Home 6:14
3 Tobacco Road 3:42
4 If Only 4:42
5 Bright Lights Big City 5:45
6 Pain (Band Version) 4:08*
7 Just Like A Woman 5:12
8 Mend A Broken Heart 3:24*
9 The Price Of Love 5:05
10 Broken Pieces Suite 5:54*
11 I Walk On Gilded Splinters 5:57*
12 Late Nights Early Flights 3:52
13 Little Sister 3:09
14 Fever (New Track) 5:38*
15 Tossin' & Turnin' (New Track) 3:17*
16 Pain (Orchestral) 4:03

* Not included on the playlist due to not being available on You Tube.

Stepping Back to the 1970's
Suzi, Andy and Don!

Five of their Best
Click on The Links To Watch/Listen
Suzi Quatro

The Sweet

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