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Saturday, 1 December 2018

Favourite Albums of 2018: Fight The Good Fight - The Interrupters (June)

Fight The Good Fight - The Interrupters
Hellcat Records
Produced by The Interrupters and Tim "Timebomb" Armstrong
Released 29th June 2018
US Billboard 200 Chart #141
US Billboard Independent Albums #2

She's Kerosene Promo Video (May 2018)

A1 Title Holder 2:42
A2 So Wrong 2:32
A3 She's Kerosene 2:50
A4 Leap Of Faith 3:17
A5 Got Each Other (feat. Rancid) 2:42
A6 Broken World 2:42
B1 Gave You Everything 3:06
B2 Not Personal 2:06
B3 Outrage 1:51
B4 Rumours And Gossip 2:40
B5 Be Gone 2:33
B6 Room With A View 2:35

Listen To
Fight The Good Fight

Vocals – Aimee "Interrupter" Allen   
Bass – Justin Bivona
Drums – Jesse Bivona
Guitar – Kevin Bivona

Acoustic Session for ALT98.7FM (October 2018)

1. A Friend Like Me
2. She's Kerosene
3. Take Back The Power
4. Gave You Everything
5. On A Turntable
6. Be My Baby
7. Family

 91X Live Studio (July 2018)
1. A Friend Like Me
2. By My Side
3. She’s A Kerosene
4. Take Back The Power
5. On A Turntable

Another of my Favourite Albums of 2018  is the third album from the LA based Ska/Punk band The Interrupters.

They just seem to get better with each release I think. Some guy said to me once, "Dude", (I think he had been watching too much Beavis and Butthead or Waynes World or something! 😀), "what are you listening to The Interrupters for? That's Young People's music and you are a dusty old man!" I take exception to the "dusty" part but readily admit I'm "old", but not quite ready for the knackers yard yet! 

Yes, it might be music for the Younger Generation but that shouldn't stop anyone older than 18 listening to it, should it? Plus, I may not be able to bounce around with all the enthusiasm of a teenage sprog powered by energy drinks due to my various "old man ailements", but when listening to the music of The Interrupters, inside I'm jumping the highest, crowd surfing and punching the air with the rest of the crowd! 😎

If you didn't already know The Interrupters are the very definition of a Family band. Guitarist Kevin has been married to singer Aimee since 2013 and Justin and Jesse are Kevin's twin brothers. It's no wonder that "Family" is a bit of a theme that runs through their music!

On the previous albums (see below) Tim "Timebomb" Armstrong, frontman of Rancid and formerly a member of Ska/Punk band Operation Ivy, had produced and played with The Interrupters, but on Fight The Good Fight, Armstrong is joined by his fellow bandmates from Rancid on the track Got Each Other. The Interrupters by the way also featured on some Tim Timebomb and Friends early daily recordings (you can read more about this project here, very fascinating stuff indeed).

Anyway, I like it and I hope you take the chance to have a listen, who knows, whatever your age, you might like it to! 😉

The Interrupters - The Interrupters
Hellcat Records

Say It Out Loud - The Interrupters
Hellcat Records

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