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Friday, 1 February 2019

Tidy Tunes 2019 #1/28: Fabulously Absolute - Joe Jackson

Making a comeback for the month of February 2019 is Tidy Tunes. A Tune a day to help you work, rest and play.

First up at the start of the month is an artist who has been on the go since the early 1970's before getting a huge break in 1978 by signing to A&M Records. He brings together Pop, Rock, Jazz, New Wave and has also composed Classical music and Soundtracks. 

Tidy Tune #1/28 is none other than Mr Joe Jackson.

It's been forty years since Joe Jackson released his debut album 'Look Sharp' and four years since his last studio release 'Fast Forward' and he's still sounding pretty good on his 21st studio album 'Fool' that was released 18th January 2019 on Ear Music.

There's a few other links that are a wee bonus for the day so feel free to check them out also.

Fabulously Absolute - Joe Jackson
from the album 'Fool'

Also on the New Album 'Fool'
Check out:

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