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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Gems From My Collection - The Godfathers

If there is one band that I really wished had made it to the big time it was The Godfathers. Back in the day they were a totally class act that made some of the finest rock and roll records that have ever been released in the UK.

I have a few albums of theirs. The debut 'Hit By Hit' is just classic and contains a number of their singles prior to signing to Epic Records. Included are 'Lonely Man', 'This Damn Nation', 'I Want Everything', 'I Want You' and a great version of 'Cold Turkey'. The reissue of the album contains a number of live tracks and studio sessions from the Janice Long Show and the Andy Kershaw Show (BBC Radio 1).

Lonely Man (Live in Kilburn 1989)

I Want Everything

This Damn Nation

I Want You

From the 'Birth, School, Work, Death' Album
Cause I Said So

Birth, School, Work, Death

She Gives Me Love

Unreal World

How Does It Feel To Feel (February 2010)

I'm Lost Then I'm Found

They are actually still around today strutting their stuff around the globe and from time to time releasing new material.

Back Into The Future (Live in Spain 2011)

Their latest single is called 'The Outsider' and is available from iTunes.

I Can't Sleep Tonight (Live in London 2010)

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