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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Gems From My Collection - Subway Sect Retrospective

Back in 1985 Rough Trade released this brilliant little Retrospective of one of the original punk bands. They had released a classic single in 1978 called 'Nobody's Scared' backed with 'Don't Split It' on Braik Records.
They followed that with what is considered to be one of the greatest indie singles of all time released on Rough Trade: 'Ambition' with the brilliant 'A Different Story' on the b-side.
The Retrospective takes in the years 1977-1981 and brings together 12 tunes that demonstrate what a superb band they were. Fronted by Vic Goddard, the band had appeared at the Punk Rock Festival at the 100 Club back on 21st September 1976, supported The Clash on the White Riot Tour and for reasons unknown their debut album, overseen by Bernie Rhodes never saw the light of day.

Tracklist: Nobody's Scared/Don't Split It/Parallel Lines/Chain Smoking/Rock and Roll Even/Ambition/Double Negative/Head Held High/Stool Pigeon/Watching the Devil/Spring Is Grey/Stop That Girl

Nobdoy's Scared/Don't Split It Single

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