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Friday, 10 June 2011

Gems From My Collection - The Shangri-las

Inspired after listening to The Donnas I went hunting to see what other great Chick Rock I have in my collection. So here goes.

The Shangri-Las

Formed in Queens, New York in 1963, The Shangri-Las consisted of two sets of Sisters, Mary & Betty Weiss and Marge & Mary Ann Ganser who were identical twins). On stage The Shangri-Las often performed as trio due to Betty not touring with the group until 1965.

'Wishing Well' was their first single in 1964 and as far as I'm aware it failed to chart.

Remember (Walking In The Sand) on the other went to #5 in the US charts and #14 here in the UK.

Leader of the Pack is probably their most famous song and back in 1964 it hit the top spot in the USA, but failed to reach the top 10 in the UK (stalled at #11), though when reissued in 1973 it reached #3 and in 1976 it got to #7.

Not sure why it happened but after Leader of the Pack no more singles were issued in the UK. A real shame because some of their best songs were to come.
Great Big Kiss

Out in the Street

Give Us Your Blessing

Past, Present and Future
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