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Monday, 27 August 2012

Ask Auntie Bruce Debut Column

Last week we were reading an article about how Bruce Springsteen changed someones life, in the article the chap said, "the answer to life’s questions really do lie in the words of the Boss. I believe there isn’t a problem in the world that cannot be solved by consulting the lyrics of Springsteen."

Here at Soundtrack4Life we decided that this was far too good an opportunity to pass up and so for the past week or so have been collecting a few questions to put to our new Rock 'n' Roll Agony Aunt. It gives us great pleasure to introduce to you.....

S4L: The first question in your debut column is from a Manchester United fan in England: "at 10 years old, my daughter is already far more mature than i'll ever be. Apart from threatening slow, painful death, how do I deal with potential suitors that arise?"

AB: If my memory serves me correctly I have only ever referenced two sports teams in song before (and I stand to be corrected by the hordes of Tramps out there if it's wrong). In 'Jungleland' I name checked the New York Rangers ice hockey team ("The Rangers had a homecoming in Harlem late last night") and the New York Giants football team in 'Wrecking Ball' ("The arena’s filled and Giants played their games"). As for Manchester United I have no song lyric for that but we did play at Manchester City's ground in the summer.

I know a little something about this problem with parents who don't like the boys their daughters are maybe running around with. In 'Rosalita (Come Out Tonight') I wrote:
"Now I know your mama she don't like me 'cause I play in a rock and roll band
And I know your daddy he don't dig me but he never did understand
Papa lowered the boom, he locked you in your room
I'm comin' to lend a hand
I'm comin' to liberate you, confiscate you, I want to be your man
Someday we'll look back on this and it will all seem funny
But now you're sad, your mama's mad
And your papa says he knows that I don't have any money
Tell him this is last chance to get his daughter in a fine romance

Because a record company, Rosie, just gave me a big advance."

I'd be worried about that type of guy as well and I'd probably send him packing! But she's 10 years old at the moment and there's a long way to go, so just remember "None of this has happened yet!" (from 'Livin' in the Future'). Just go and be the best Dad you can for her at the moment and when she needs you when she's older and has experienced heartbreak and break up it will prepare her well for when a guy comes along and says:

"Now honey, I don't wanna clip your wings
But a time comes when two people should think of these things
Having a home and a family
Facing up to their responsibilities
They say in the end true love prevails
But in the end true love can't be no fairytale
To say I'll make your dreams come true would be wrong
But maybe, darlin', I could help them along." (From 'I Wanna Marry You')

S4L: A concerned Hearts fan has asked "How do Hearts beat Liverpool on Thursday, does the boss have a solution?"

AB: We are talking football again here?

S4L: Yes, Hearts lost their home game by a single goal last week, an own goal as well and the second leg takes place at Anfield in Liverpool this week.

AB: Well, "Two Hearts are better than one" (from 'Two Hearts') and that's a good place to start. You can't give up on your team even in the face of the difficult road ahead. If you don't prevail, it's gonna be a 'Long Walk Home!'
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