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Thursday, 2 August 2012

of Verona - The White Apple 2012

Very excited to discover that the debut album by of Verona is available in the UK. It was released back on 9th July (worldwide on the 10th July) and is an album I've been waiting for more than a year to show it's face. The danger is with this type of waiting is that there is always an air of caution lest you be severely let down - that is not the case here at all.
In the past I've given kudos to Mandi Perkins as a solo artist. She released a couple of pretty decent solo albums: 2007's Independent 'Bleeding the Line'

Live Version of 'Everybody Knows'
Live version of 'Why Pretend'

That led to a deal with Sony and the release of 'Alice in No Man's Land' (that was sadly limited in it's release due to the departure of label manager John Ingrassia (reported in Billboard in February 2009) and the downturn in the economy and Perkins asked to be released from her contract with Sony BMG).
Promo Video for 'Who I Am'

In 2010 Mandi launched of Verona (you can't keep a good girl down!). How can you best describe of Verona? Well it seems that some folks are comparing them to Florence and the Machine, that is a little unfair I think as they have their own sound which is a blend electronic rock meets pop which all blends so nicely together with the vocal talents of Mandi Perkins.
I wish good things for them as they have laboured hard to get to this place and have laid down a good foundation of live performance. Any success that comes their way will not be the kind that they have been handed on a silver platter, unlike a good number of popular artists around at the moment. No, their success will come because they have worked hard at their craft of songwriting, musical exploration and quality gig experience.

It's taken awhile for the album to come out but it's here now, distributed by HYPE Music. At present it only looks like it is a digital release, You can get it from Amazon in the UK and USA

Live At The Viper Room 30th July 2012 

Here's a band that deserve to be heard! 

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