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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Aztec Camera Expanded Releases

Preceded by the singles Pillar To Post and Oblivious , and the NME cassette release of We Could Send Letters , High Land, Hard Rain was released in April 1983, not long after Roddy Frame's 19th birthday, and followed by Walk Out To Winter . The album and singles were originally released on the Rough Trade label, before being taken on by major WEA, who re-released Oblivious to great effect.

The bonus tracks are the non-album singles sides, including two 12 mixes of Oblivious and a lengthy mix of Walk Out To Winter . Released 27th August.

1. Oblivious
2. The Boy Wonders
3. Walk Out To Winter
4. The Bugle Sounds Again
5. We Could Send Letters
6. Pillar To Post
7. Release
8. Lost Outside The Tunnel
9. Back On Board
10. Down The Dip

11. Queen s Tattoos
12. Haywire
13. Orchid Girl
14. Set The Killing Free
15. Oblivious [12 mix]
16. Walk Out To Winter [12 extended version]
17. Oblivious [12 extended remix] 

 In the wake of the success of first album Hard Land, Hard Rain , WEA brought in Dire Straits' Mark Knopfler to produce the follow-up at Air Studios in London. Knife was released September 1984, accompanied by the hit single All I Need Is Everything .

This reissue features the non-album singles sides, including two versions of Van Halen's Jump , as well as five songs recorded live at The Dominion in London in October 1984, originally released across two singles. Released 27th August.

1. Still On Fire
2. Just Like The USA
3. Head Is Happy (Heart s Insane)
4. The Back Door To Heaven
5. All I Need Is Everything
6. Backwards And Forwards
7. The Birth Of The True
8. Knife

9. All I Need Is Everything [7 edit]
10. Jump
11. All I Need Is Everything [remix]
12. Jump [Loaded version] 

If High Land Hard Rain made him an indie hero and heavyweight music press favourite, and Knife saw him tentatively embraced by the rock establishment, then Aztec Camera's third long player Love is the album on which Roddy Frame became a bona fide pop star. Somewhere In My Heart was the first to crack the all-important Top Ten, and Frame found himself, whether he liked it or not, the property of the Smash Hits generation. Also included are the singles How Men Are and Deep And Wide And Tall . This reissue contains all the non-album singles sides, including five remixes and three live recordings. Released 3rd September.

1. Deep And Wide And Tall
2. How Men Are
3. Everybody Is A Number One
4. More Than A Law
5. Somewhere In My Heart
6. Working In A Goldmine
7. One And One
8. Paradise
9. Killermont Street

Disc 2
1. Deep And Wide And Tall [Breakdown Mix]
2. Bad Education
3. The Red Flag
4. Killermont Street [live]
5. Pillar To Post [live]
6. Somewhere In My Heart [12 remix]
7. Everybody Is A Number One [Boston '86 Version]
8. Somewhere In My Heart [The alternate mix]
9. I Threw It All Away [live]
10. Working In A Goldmine [sax version]  

 Five years after singing about The Clash, Roddy Frame found himself singing with Mick Jones on Good Morning Britain , a Top 20 hit and the centrepiece of the fourth Aztec Camera album, released in June 1990. This reissue contains all the different mixes of the Big Audio Dynamite-influenced song, along with the single The Crying Scene and the non-album singles sides, including a duet with Edwyn Collins of his Orange Juice song Consolation Prize , recorded live at Glasgow Barrowlands. Released 3rd September.

1. Stray
2. The Crying Scene
3. Get Outta London
4. Over My Head
5. Good Morning Britain
6. How It Is
7. The Gentle Kind
8. Notting Hill Blues
9. Song For A Friend

Disc 2
1. Salvation
2. True Colours
3. Consolation Prize [live]
4. Do I Love You?
5. Good Morning Britain [7 mix]
6. Good Morning Britain [Laylow Posse Hypno-Mix/Kitsch n Sync mix]
7. Good Morning Britain [Laylow Posse Hypnomental/instrumental mix]
8. Good Morning Britain [Laylow Posse Hypno-edit/vocal remix]
9. Good Morning Britain [Mendelsohn Single mix]
10. Good Morning Britain [Morning Acid mix] 

Produced by Yellow Magic Orchestra's Ryuichi Sakamoto, Dreamland was Aztec Camera's fifth album, released in May 1993, and preceded by the singles Spanish Horses and Dream Sweet Dreams . The two editions of both singles featured thirteen songs recorded on one night at Ronnie Scott s now gathered onto a single CD.

The extra bonus track If Paradise Is) Half As Nice was recorded for the NME s Ruby Trax cassette as a duet with the song s original vocalist, Amen Corner s Andy Fairweather-Low.  Released 10th September.

1. Birds
2. Safe in Sorrow
3. Black Lucia (Safe in Sorrow is the 2nd song in the video)
4. Let Your Love Decide
5. Spanish Horses
6. Dream Sweet Dreams
7. Pianos and Clocks
8. Sister Ann
9. Vertigo
10. Valium Summer
11. The Belle of the Ball
Bonus track:
12. (If Paradise Is) Half As Nice [Aztec Camera with Andy Fairweather-Low]

Disc 2
Recorded at Ronnie Scott s Club, London, 23rd June 1991
1. Birth Of The True
2. Song For A Friend
3. Killermont Street
4. Spanish Horses
5. Stray
6. The Bugle Sounds Again
7. Dolphins
8. How Men Are
9. Sister Ann
10. Good Morning Britain
11. Mattress Of Wire
12. Let Your Love Decide
13. Orchid Girl
Bonus track:
14. Just Like The USA [live at Sala Apollo, Barcelona]  


Released in November 1995, Frestonia was Roddy Frame's last album under the Aztec Camera banner. It was produced by the legendary team of Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley at Westside Studios, which were located in Frestonia in Notting Hill.

The bonus tracks are four live recordings issued across the two editions of the album's sole single Sun. Released 10th September.

1. Rainy Season
2. Sun
3. Crazy
4. On The Avenue
5. Imperfectly
6. Debutante
7. Beautiful Girl
8. Phenomenal World
9. Method of Love
10. Sunset

Live At The Phoenix Festival, July 1995
11. The Crying Scene
12. Black Lucia
13. We Could Send Letters
14. Rainy Season 
 Edsel is proud to announce its reissue programme of all six albums by Roddy Frame's Aztec Camera, originally released between 1983 and 1995, and now issued in deluxe casebound books with bonus tracks, the lyrics, and annotation by Uncut journalist Terry Staunton.

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