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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Johnny Cash - The Complete Columbia Collection 2012

 Johnny Cash – The Complete Columbia Album Collection is set to release on October 30th, 2012 and can be purchased on Amazon. The albums and singles covered in this box set will range from 1958′s The Fabulous Johnny Cash to 1990′s Highwayman 2 and will also include several live albums, soundtracks, and rare tracks. All of the material together comes to 59 albums and four bonus discs. This bonus material will include two compilations. The first, Johnny Cash with His Hot & Blue Guitar is a set of 28 tracks from Johnny’s time with Sun Records from 1954-1958. The second, The Singles includes unreleased singles and Cash’s appearances on other artists’ songs.
What's Inside The Box?
The Fabulous Johnny Cash (Mono) Hymns By Johnny Cash (Mono)
Songs Of Our Soil (Mono)
Now There Was A Song! (Mono)
Ride This Train (Mono)
Hymns From The Heart (Mono)
The Sound Of Johnny Cash (Mono) Blood, Sweat And Tears (Mono)
Ring Of Fire: The Best Of Johnny         Cash (Mono)
The Christmas Spirit (Mono)
Keep On The Sunny Side - The Carter Family with special guest Johnny Cash (Mono) 
I Walk The Line (Mono)
Bitter Tears: Johnny Cash Sings Ballads Of The American Indian (Mono)
Orange Blossom Special (Mono)
Johnny Cash Sings Ballads Of The True West (Mono)
Everybody Loves A Nut (Mono)
Happiness Is You (Mono)
Carryin’ On With Johnny Cash & June Carter (Mono)
From Sea To Shining Sea (Mono)
Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison (Live)
The Holy Land
Johnny Cash At San Quentin (Live)
Hello, I’m Johnny Cash
The Johnny Cash Show (Live)
I Walk The Line (Soundtrack)
Little Fauss And Big Halsy (Soundtrack with Carl Perkins)
Man In Black
A Thing Called Love
Johnny Cash: America – A 200-Year Salute In Story And Song
Christmas – The Johnny Cash Family
Any Old Wind That Blows
The Gospel Road (2-CD)
Johnny Cash And His Woman
Johnny Cash pa Osteraker (Live at Osteraker Prison, Sweden)
Ragged Old Flag
The Junkie And The Juicehead Minus Me
The Johnny Cash Children’s Album
Johnny Cash Sings Precious Memories
John R. Cash
Look At Them Beans
Strawberry Cake (Live at the Palladium, London, England)
One Piece At A Time
The Last Gunfighter Ballad
The Rambler
I Would Like To See You Again
Gone Girl
Rockabilly Blues
Classic Christmas
The Baron
The Survivors: Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins (Live)
The Adventures Of Johnny Cash
Johnny 99
Koncert V Praze (In Prague Live)
Highwayman: Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson
Highwayman 2: Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson
At Madison Square Garden (Live)
Johnny Cash With His Hot & Blue Guitar
The Singles, Plus (2-CD)

I actually possess a good number of these albums and it's great to see many of them coming out on CD for the first time ever.

Luke Torn, in his 10/10 review in the latest Uncut Magazine, said this: 

"Johnny Cash was, and remains, the Mighty Oak of 20th Century popular music: singer, songwriter, collector, seeker, provocateur, folklorist, storyteller, historian, family man, outlaw, moralist, drug addict, TV and movie star, joker, preacher, philanthropist, spokesman for the downtrodden,, musical bridge from the Carter Family to Nine Inch Nails...visionary. His high presence touched us all, even if some of us are only dimly aware of it."

He ends his review: "Hills and valleys, warts and all, Complete Columbia is simply a singular, staggering body of work, throwing down challenges in all directions."

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