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Thursday, 25 April 2013

R.E.M. - Green 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition May 2013

Track Listing

Disc One – Original Album
1. “Pop Song 89
2. “Get Up
3. “You Are The Everything
4. “Stand
5. “World Leader Pretend
6. “The Wrong Child
7. “Orange Crush
8. “Turn You Inside Out
9. “Hairshirt
10. “I Remember California
11. “Untitled

Disc Two – Live In Greensboro 1989*
1. “Stand
2. “The One I Love”
3. “Turn You Inside Out
4. “Belong”
5. “Exhuming McCarthy”
6. “Good Advices”
7. “Orange Crush”
8. “Cuyahoga”
9. “These Days
10. “World Leader Pretend
11. “I Believe
12. “Get Up
13. “Life And How To Live It”
14. “Its The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
15. “Pop Song 89
16. “Fall On Me”
17. “You Are The Everything
18. “Begin The Begin
19. “Low”
20. “Finest Worksong
21. “Perfect Circle

 * All videos are from TourFilm released in 1990.

Remastered 2 CD set includes exclusive disc of live performances recorded at the Greensboro, NC stop of the group’s Green World Tour on November 10, 1989.  Includes four postcards, a fold out poster and insightful liner notes by Uncut editor Allan Jones packaged in a hard clamshell box.  Also available on single disc vinyl.

Prior to it's original release back in 1988 I had only dabbled with R.E.M., I liked a track here and there but was not overly concerned with them being on my musical radar. That all changed with the release of 'Green'. For me it sounded like a breath of fresh air with some fantastic songs like 'Pop Song 89', 'You Are The Everything', 'Stand', 'Turn You Inside Out' and my favourite 'World Leader Pretend'.

Listening to the album as I put this piece together has just reminded me what a great body of work it is, I'm hard pressed to say that there's a bad track on it. I guess that a lot of fans of their previous albums would be in for a shock at how pop/rock orientated it was (more than a few had declared that the band had "sold out" with their sigining to Warners), but for me that was its' charm.

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