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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Primitives - Echoes and Rhymes (2012)

Eveything written in THIS COLOUR is a link, so give it a click to watch and listen to the music.

 Tracklist: The Primitives -  Echoes and Rhymes
   1. “Panic
   2. “Turn Off The Moon
   3. “Move It On Over
   4. “Sunshine In My Rainy Day Mind
   5. “Till You Say You’ll Be Mine
   6. “I’m Not Sayin’
   7. “The Witch
   8. “I Surrender
   9. “Amoureux D’une Affiche
 10. “Where Will You Be?
 11. “Single Girl
 12. “Who Are You Trying To Fool?
 13. “Time Slips Away
 14. “Wild Flower

It's almost a year since the release of the first album for 21 years by The Primitives and for some odd reason I only picked it up this morning! Oh well that's the way it is sometimes but can I say just at the start that this is a really impressive collection of cover versions. Cover versions? Oh man, isn't a band who puts out an album of covers just out to make a quick buck and show that they have lost the plot? I guess normally that would be the line that I would take but on this album I'm going to make an exception.

The band got back together following the death of original bassist Steve Dullaghan in February 2009. That same year in October they performed their first shows together for 19 years in Coventry and London. In 2010 they did a tour of the UK and also played a single show in Brooklyn, New York.

In March 2011 The Primitives released their first new music since 1992. The EP 'Never Kill A Secret' contained two new songs and two cover versions ('Need All The Help I Can Get' - Suzi Jane Hokum (released in 1966) and 'Breakaway' released in 1966 by Toni Basil).

The Originals
The album of covers focuses attention on 1960's Female Fronted Bands or Vocalists. It kicks off with a b-side from Reparata and The Delrons called Panic. Next up Sue Lyon's 'Turn Off The Moon'. Le Grand Mellon are up next and it's a cover of 'Move It Over'. 'Sunshine on My Rainy Mind' by Polly Niles. Vocal duties on 'I'm Not Sayin'' are taken by guitarist Paul Court, who gives a very JAMC performance of Nico's 1965 song. 'The Witch' by obscure German duo Adam and Eve is followd by the 1969 'I Surrender' originally released by Bonnie St. Claire. Tracy tries her chops by singing in French on 'Amoureux D'une Affiche' (released in 1967 by Laura Ulmer). I can't find a link for Dana Gillespe's 'Where Will You Be?' (from the 1968 album 'Foolish Dreams'. 'Single Girl' by Sandy Posey is next up. Unlike most of the songs on the album this track was actually an international hit! 'Who Are You Trying To Fool' by Little Ann is an obscure Northern Soul number that appeared in the late 1990's on Ace Records. 'Time Slips Away' was originally released by Dutch artists Shocking Blue in 1973, they are probably more well known for their song 'Venus'. Completing the album is 'Wild Flower' by She Trinity that was released as their third single in 1966 on Columbia Records.

Totally love this album. I like the fact that they have chosen songs that are obscure. I actually only knew the Nico track beforehand.

Good to see them back and hopefully we don't have to wait too long for an album of brand new music written by the band. The great news is it that might happen sooner than we think as in February they released a brand new single. 

New Single From The Primitives 2013

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