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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Cure - Mexico 21st April 2013

What a way to celebrate your 54th birthday - Up on stage peforming for Four Hours and Sixteen Minutes!!

That's exactly what Robert Smith did a couple of days ago in Mexico. Prior to the start of the show there was an earthquake that registered 5.9 on the Richter scale.

Journalist Bernard Van Isacker of website, who was in the audience during the terrifying moment, posted online: "I thought that I was losing my balance as I felt the ground drifting away from under my feet. Then people started screaming and I was told that an earthquake was taking place.
"I could see those big station spot posts shaking back and forth as if there was a huge storm taking place. Instantly all communication via mobiles was also interrupted as thousands were trying to call their family."

Thankfully no one was injured during the event and the band stepped it up with an amazing 50 song set!

I've tried to find as many video links as I can from the show and the sound and visual quality of each link is not my responsibility.

1. “Open
2. “High
3. “The End of the World
4. “Lovesong
5. “Push
6. “In Between Days
7. “Just Like Heaven
8. “From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
9. “Prayers for Rain
10. “Pictures of You
11. “Lullaby
12. “Sleep When I’m Dead”
13. “Play for Today
14. “A Forest
15. “Bananafishbones”
16. “The Walk”
17. “Mint Car”
18. “Friday I’m in Love
19. “Doing the Unstuck”
20. “Trust
21. “Want”
22. “The Hungry Ghost”
23. “Wrong Number”
24. “One Hundred Years
25. “End”
26. “The Kiss
27. “If Only Tonight We Could Sleep”
28. “Fight”
Encore 3:
32. “Shake Dog Shake
33. “Cold
34. “A Strange Day”
35. “The Hanging Garden”
36. “Fascination Street
37. “Charlotte Sometimes
38. “Primary”
Encore 4:
39. “Dressing Up”
40. “The Lovecats
41. “The Caterpillar
42. “Close to Me
43. “Hot Hot Hot!!!
44. “Let’s Go to Bed
45. “Why Can't I Be You?
46. “Three Imaginary Boys” (Robert Smith solo)47. “Fire in Cairo” (Robert Smith solo)
48. “Boys Don’t Cry
49. “10:15 Saturday Night
50. “Killing an Arab

00:00 1. Open 09:07 2. Push 13:45 3. In between days 16:31 4. Pictures of you 23:37 5. A forest 30:48 6. The walk 33:58 7. Friday I´m in love 37:15 8. Wrong number 43:42 9. The kiss 50:47 10. Plainsong 57:02 11. The hanging garden 1:01:50 12. Dressing up 1:04:35 13. The lovecats 1:08:19 14. Close to me 1:11:52 15. Let´s go to bed 1:15:17 16. Boys don´t cry 1:18:14 17. 10:15 Saturday night (fragmento) 1:19:19 18. Killing an arab
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