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Saturday, 31 August 2013

The Penny Black Remedy - Inhale...Exhale...OK, Now You Can Panic! (2013)

A couple of nights ago I trundled along to Pivo Pivo in Glasgow to watch The Penny Black Remedy play their first ever show in Glasgow. One of the main reasons for going was actually to catch up with bassist Paul Slack (who in a previous life was the bassist for the UK Subs). 

It was actually a nice bonus to be able to sit down and chat with Keith Thomson (Lead Vocals and Guitar), Wilco van Eijk (Drums and Vocals), Marijana Hajdarhodzic (Vocals and Percussion), and of course Paul Slack (Bass). The band are hard to pin down musically and their own personal tastes come shining through (everything from Ska, Punk, Country, Rockabilly and Rock 'n' Roll). I had told Keith that I thought they reminded me a little bit of Willy DeVille/Mink DeVille after watching some stuff on You Tube and so getting to see them live in person was a great experience because they were that and so much more.

Passionate, fun, great humour, beautiful singing from Marijana, intense yet almost freeing performance by the band (especially Keith), music with a great vibe that you cannot help but clap or dance.

As for the album, well it has the added joy of a horn section. When I played it my wife thought that it sounded a bit like Madness, I can see that in places.  All the songs are written ny Keith and some have brilliant titles: 'Putting the Mental into Sentimentality', 'Up to my Neck in a Hex', 'Hypochondria is not an Illness' and the most excellent 'Nice Things Happen When You Stop Complaining'.

Definetely worth getting hold of, and nice to find something new that is pleasing to the ear and worth spending money on.

For more information about The Penny Black Remedy check out their Official Website, or their Facebook page.

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