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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Muscle Shoals Where The Music Happens!

Just finished watching 'Muscle Shoals'. What an incredible story and some of the finest music you'll ever get to hear in one place. The DVD is due for release on 10th February 2014 and I would encourage you to grab a copy.

Here's a Trailer for the movie.

There's a 13 track Soundtrack as well that's available as well. But 13 tracks is not really enough when you consider some of the artists that have passed through the FAME Studio and The Muscle Shoals Sound Studio. I'll stick some links to some of the artists at the end of this piece. They have had everyone from the Stones to The Osmonds, and Otis Redding to Candi Staton, Dire Straits to The Black Keys, Traffic to Alicia Keys and everything inbetween and after.

The film was such a great eye opener for me and I was actually amazed at how much music I have in my own collection from the artists that have recorded down there in Alabama. A real mix of sounds as well. Here's just a wee taster of some of the incredible music that came out of that small town and those two studios.

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