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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Remembering Larry Norman

On this day back in 2008, Larry Norman, pioneer of Christian Rock and Roll music passed out of this world and into the next. He was one of those chaps whose music was  maybe a bit too religious for the world and maybe a bit too 'secular' for the Church. He was misunderstood by many and was a little controversial at times but one thing you could never deny with him was his desire to share the message of the Gospel in pretty much every place he went. He was passionate about that to the end.

Most people reading this might be totally unaware of the life and music of Larry Norman. It might not be your "thing" but give a wee click on some of the links to check it out.

His music was a great help to me at a difficult time in my life and I'm ever grateful to those who first slipped a cassette of his music into my hands many, many years ago.

 Evangelist Without Portfolio.

On August 4th, 2007 Larry performed in New York City in what turned out to be his last official solo concert. On both piano and guitar, Norman played music spanning his entire career, spoke intimately to the audience, and finished the performance with a remarkable medley of some of his most poignant songs. Not the best quality film but it certainly offers an great insight into Larry and his music.

A Few Other Larry Tunes:

These two links will take you to the Drew Marshall Show page and you can download the interviews and tributes by right clicking on the little icon and when menu comes down choose 'Save Target As'. Well worth listening to.


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