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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Happy Birthday Bruce Springsteen - 65 Today!

Click on the links to enjoy the music.

001: He was Born To Run.
002: He Takes Care of His Own.
003: He Still Likes To Prove It All Night.
004: He Hangs Out In The Badlands.
005: He Gets His Kicks Racing In The Street.
006: He Enjoys Dancing In The Dark With His Friends.
007: He Likes Elvis.
009: He Has A Good Friend in Gary US Bonds.
010: He Could Have Been A Ghostbuster!
012: He Loves To Play His Albums Live.
013: Playing Long Shows Gives Value For Money.
014: He's Not And Never Will Be The "New Dylan". But He Does Like A Dylan Tune Or Two.
015: He likes to play requests.
016: He surprises with a Pre-Show Acoustic set from time to time.
017: He's able to take an old song, shine it up and make it relevant for today.
018: He's a Rocker.
019: He's a Soul Man.
020: He's a Lover.
021: He's a Dancer.
022: He's a Crowd Surfer.
023: In the the middle of a song he likes a Beer!
024: Sings about drinking wine.
025: He's sung with Buddy Holly (well okay Gary Busey!).
026: He's sung with Jerry Lee Lewis (yep, the real one!).
027: He's the Jack of all Trades (he can play guitar, sing, play harmonica, piano, pump organ.).
028: He's been a back up singer for the King of the New York Streets!
029: Hungry Heart was going to be given to The Ramones but he kept it for himself. Imagine The Ramones covering Bruce! Here's Bruce covering The Ramones.
030: He likes playing with Punks!
031: The ladies seem to love him!
032: He wants to be Where the Fans Are!
033: Your town is a Lucky Town if he's playing there.
034: He's Tougher Than the Rest.
035: He's played at the legendary Apollo Theater.
036: He's even been busking on the streets of Copenhagen!
037: He's played at The Super Bowl.
038: He blew everyone away at Glastonbury.
039: Between 15th July 1999 and 12th August 1999 the Reunited Bruce Springsteen and the East Street Band played 15 Sold Out shows at The Meadowlands in New Jersey. This was the opening song for Night One.
 040: No matter how much you say you hate 'Waitin' on a Sunny Day' you just can't help but sing-a-long!
041: Like any decent musician he takes you back to the roots of his music with the sound of the British Invasion: The Animals, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles.
042: Like any decent musician he takes you back to the roots of his music with the sound of Sixties Soul: Motown, Northern Soul and Stax.
043: Like any decent musician he takes you back to the roots of his music with the sound of the Fifties: Elvis and Buddy Holly.
044: Like any decent musician he takes you back to the roots of his music with the sound of classic American Rock: Creedence Clearwater Revival, Steppenwolf,  and The Byrds.
045: Stayin' Alive is a good thing!
046: He always has something up his sleeve just right for the moment.
047: He's known for leaving great songs off his albums because they don't fit!
048: Because he likes a Surprise Surprise.
049: He has a great sense of humour.
050: He likes to Serenade.
051: You just have to jig to American Land, you can't keep your feet still!
052: His Storytellers for VH1 is one of the best ever.
053: The first ever Springsteen song I heard as a kid was this one.
054: He not only writes great rocking tunes but also beautifully crafted, touching and sensitive songs like this one.
055: And this one also.
056: He knows how to build a house!
057: And he knows how to wreck it as well!
058: He was the MusiCares Person of the Year in 2013.
059: He was one of the best and funniest keynote speakers at SXSW back in 2012.
060: Everyone has a favourite Bruce song and this one is top of my list (though 'My Father's House' sometimes sits on top of the pile!).
061: Everyone has a favourite Bruce album and whilst 'Born to Run' often holds the top spot for me 'Nebraska' often sneaks in and grabs the mantle!
062: Of all the cover versions that Bruce has ever done (and he's done loads of 'em) my favourite for many years now has been Jimmy Cliff's 'Trapped'.
063: He's unafraid to go it alone like on the 2005 Devil's and Dust Tour and to reinvent some of his most loved songs acoustically.
064: The day before his 63rd Birthday he played a massive show at the Metlife in New Jersey that actually carried on until the wee hours of his actual birthday due to a delay in starting because of inclement weather.
065: Today is his 65th Birthday and he remains one of the greatest exponents of rock and roll on the planet.
Happy Birthday Bruce.   

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