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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Remembering Dee Dee

As today would have been the birthday of Dee Dee Ramone I thought it would be a good excuse to reflect on some of the great songs that he wrote for The Ramones. Even after he had left the band he was still writing songs for the band.

His solo career was a bit patchy in places and he never really achieved the kind of respect that he had when he played with The Ramones, and in fact some of his musical output was but a cartoon parody of music he had written for The Ramones. Anyway, we won't go into that any further. He is best remembered as a member of The Ramones and one of their chief songwriters and that's the way I like to remember him.

So without further ado let's turn our attention to the songs that turned a lot of people's lives upside down from the moment they heard the first "1-2-3-4" come from the mouth of Dee Dee. Click on the links to enjoy the music. All songs written by Dee Dee unless otherwise noted. This is by no means a comprehensive list but they are basically the ones I love the most.

* Appeared on the 'Brain Drain' album which was the last Ramones studio album that Dee Dee appeared on.

Despite Dee Dee's departure from the band he continued to contribute songs to The Ramones. These next three, from 'Mondo Bizzaro', according to the liner notes were signed over to the band after they bailed Dee Dee out of jail! Not totally sure on the truth of that at all.

On the final Ramones album 'Adios Amigos' Dee Dee contributed to six of the 13 tracks.

Dee Dee Ramone Solo

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