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Saturday, 18 March 2017

40 Years of Punk & New Wave 1977: Outside View - Eater

Outside View / You
The Label
Produced by Dave Goodman
Released March 1977


Outside View



The Single was also released in Japan on Polydor


Andy Blade (Ashruf Radwan) - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Brian Chevette (Brian Haddock) - Guitar
Dee Generate (Roger Bullen) - Drums
Ian Woodcock - Bass

Eater were just a bunch of kids getting to live out their dream of playing in a band. When the band formed in 1976 they were between the ages of 14-17 and included on drums was Andy Blade's brother who went under the name Social Demise (guess it sounded more Punk Rock than Lufti Radwan). He left the band and was replaced with Dee Generate who was very young as well.

They weren't brilliant by any means but their first two singles (Outside View and Thinking of the USA) are considered to be Classic Punk Singles. Between 1977 and when they broke up in January 1979 they released a total of four singles, one Live EP (Get Your Yo Yo's Out -1978) and an album simply called The Album (1977). Three of those singles were released in 1977 and today we celebrate their Debut Release and the very first record released on The Label.

Eater topped the bill twice at The Roxy in January 1977 (the second time they were supported by The Damned!) and in February they were headlining again with Johnny Moped as support and in March they would have a further two headline slots supported firstly by The Lurkers and then by Sham 69.

Two songs from their Roxy performances ended up on the  The Roxy London WC2 album (Fifteen and Don't Need It) released in June 1977.

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